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(I apologize in advanced for any of my terrible English skills.)

When I was very young, maybe around six or seven, I used to be very much open to the psychic phenomena. I would often wake up in the middle of the night in my childhood home in Bordeaux to go to the bathroom to drink. As I got up, I would be confronted by shadow-like figures that would surround me, making me unable to move or breathe. I would have to stand and be terrified of these creatures until they would seemingly disappear. Also, after nights of traumatic dreams, I would often awake to find scorched sheets and even some of my hair burnt at times. My parents would tell me stories of how things would suddenly catch fire whenever I got upset or troubled as a young child, and they would also tell me of how I would often speak of pain or deaths that had occurred around the places we were visiting. Once I reached my teens, these experiences stopped, especially when I moved north to Paris to a newer quartier. Now that I am older, these memories of my childhood experiences have randomly started coming back to me; I will suddenly remember meeting a boy when I was eleven after he had been dead for five days, or knowing the name of the elderly dead women who lived in my father's apartment and how she had passed long before he had even told me about her, etc. Now I know that these abilities are very real, and can be accessed, but I fear that years of suppressing the abilities have essentially made them become dormant. My question to you, my friends, is if any of you know how to awaken these abilities once more so that I can use these abilities to awaken to the world around me (I am Buddhist, and a large part of Buddhism is seeing the world how it truly is and not how it appears to be) and aid those who are troubled with psychic problems.

Merci, et à plus!


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brightpup2 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-10-09)
yes I can help becuase I have a similar situation its a swirling myst that comes close to the miror and you see purple lightining in the dark swirl and it looks like a tornado with a red light when it gets closer. I have that same thing bothering me. But since I am a 5th generation medium I can exert some influence over it and use my ectoplasmic shiled on the mirror. I think I can give you plenty of help.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-09)
Your English is fine!
I do not believe you have to worry about abilities
Being dorment.
Normally with practice, and acknowledgement the abilities unfold.

For additional assistance, opening our heart to
Angels, guides, or ancestors, to power animals
Are all helpful in achieving help.

Basics of keeping ones energy clear, positive thoughts
Help align our energy centers, which I believe
The Buddhism is a plus.

From what you have written regarding fire, is indicating when your emotions are over extended,
Your energy affects electrical, and gas-fire.

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