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Listen to your Bad Feelings


It seems I'm not the smartest of psychics, so, yeah... That's probably why I had to go to the hospital. But, I'm getting way ahead of myself. It was a cool fall day. My friend and I were playing over at my house. Of course, she wanted to go outside. She always wanted to at that age. We went on the trampoline and started doing something extremely stupid. We jumped from either side of the trampoline and ran into each other at the center, using our hands to stop each other by pushing on the other's shoulders.

After the first two times, I got a horrible feeling in my stomach, as though I had just eaten bad meat. My shoulder's started to tense and relax at the same time. In other words, I had a "bad feeling" about it.

"Let's not do this anymore. I have a bad feeling about it..."

"Just one more time, okay? Please?"

"Okay, just ONE more time..."

Then, we jumped, missed, and she landed. Right... on top... of me. My head was forced forward. I could barely breathe, because I was face-down on the trampoline, and I didn't want to move in case I made it worse. I had to walk back up the hill because my friend phrased the problem in the wrong way, and my mom thought I had an asthma attack, and she said it would be better if I walked up the hill into the house (remember how I said I could barely breathe? Well, I vocalized it. She said I was lying down on the trampoline and couldn't breathe, instead of telling the whole damn story because she was afraid of getting in trouble.)

I was rushed to the Hospital by my mother. I got my neck x-rayed, and THANK YOU GOD! My neck was not broken! I am still alive and not paralyzed today. But now, whenever I get a bad feeling like that again, I make it stop by stopping whatever action will set that series of events into place.

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Abby (99 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-08)
Dear Lillian,

This is what life, learning and learning from our mistakes is all about, as well as learning to trust our own personal, intuitive (inside) sense and common sense.

Once you find your symbolic answer key, it is up to you to be responsible and trust yourself and the meaning or message that it brings.

Many times we have to experience something firsthand before we get the meaning or understand the lesson. For some, lesson experiences may take longer to learn and sometimes, a major wake-up call of symbolism is needed for those hard headed times when we are buried in some pit we have personally dug for ourselves or sitting on our pity pot.

I commend you for learning this lesson experience and your gut, intuitive "bad feelings" symbol. Now, use it every second of your life from this day forth. The more you integrate and meld your abilities with your daily self and life, the more you will connect to your own self awareness and your empowerment.

Blessings, Applause and Cheers, Abby :)

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