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What to Do with a Spirit that Follows You?


Many, many times, I have seen a few shadowy figure, yet never seen a full form of a ghost... Sometimes it is just voices, but I learned to ignore them. However, something troubled me about one particular sighting. There was always a shadow in the upper right corner of the living room. I tried to ignore it many times, but it just stayed there, no matter how many lights you turned on, or how many times you tried to send it away somehow. I feared it was a bad spirit, but was never daring enough to attempt to find out.

It can no longer be seen, yet I still wonder if it remains. If it follows me. I just cannot seem to shake the feeling that it is still here. Yet, I do not know if I should be afraid, or be grateful. It seems to be friendly, as it does not harm me, nor others. Yet it does not make contact, and that is what slightly makes me worry.

My only fear is what it could possibly be: a demon, or a guardian angel. Or is it just some spirit that has decided to follow me? What it is, I do not know. All I know is it follows me, and it refuses to leave under any circumstances.

If there is any advice upon this subject, I want it. All I want to know is how to rid myself of this being, or how to identify it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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MeganDear26 (9 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-12)
Your not only one feeling this I never seen shadow people thank goodness I always DO feeel a male spirit touching my face neck leg feet head hair I would also FEEL cold light breeze air on my cheeks sometimes day and night I can sence them near me but never harms me I try asking why it is here but no answer sadly but I try stay calm not fear I alwayz pray to god
CVT6702 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-11)
What you detect could simply be the Spirit of a realtive or someone you knew who has visited you to tell you they are alive in the Spirit World.
If by now nothing has happened to frighten you or to to bother you in any way other than appearing I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Having said that I will say that I have had some bad experiences but I know who the Spirits are and they returned for the specific purpose to challenge and try to prove they have dominance over man and when they walked the earth they were my realtives who seem to be here to prove something.
I write this not to frighten but to tell everyone that we need to check all spirits out and determine why they are here, and if they are friendly and we know them then everything is alright.
If a sirit appears to me in a friendly way I say welcome and listen to them but if I don't have a good feeling about them I turn them away.
If Spirits want to communicate with earth and use us as channells then they must be nice and polite just as they are expected to be when they walk the earth.

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