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The Beginnings 1


All these things seem to start off when people are young. I'm no exception to that, when I was young I used to have an invisible friend. When I focused on doors or small things something would happen. The doors would swing back and forth, close sometimes, or open. I always thought it was some invisible person just helping me out or playing with me. But as events started to unfold I became curious of the source. I had these dreams, nightmares really, I was pulled out of my body as if ripped out and a dark figure would loom over me. I would scream and at first no one would ever hear. Until one night when the nightmare started, I looked back to where I was sleeping in what I thought was a dream and saw myself. Instantly I felt as strange sensation, like a vibration throughout my body. Then I turned around the the figure was there, I screamed and this time my body screamed too. My parents came rushing in and when they shook my body on my bed I woke up in my bed.

After that my "night terrors" as my parents called it, started to die down. I would still be out of my body some nights and sometimes I would scream, but as the nights continued the figure no longer showed up. It would be me just in my room looking around in this strange state. But then one night, a few months later I looked out my window and saw some strange lights in the sky. Then even more surprising when I turned around after observing the strange orbs off in the distance, the shadow figure was right there. Right in front of me. While I was awake. A cold almost striking feeling came over me as I began to fear it, but then I stopped and instead of screaming I said "Hello there." The cold began to almost relax within me and the strain went away. "Who are you?" I asked while slowly reaching out. The mass felt cold but dense like heavy fog, it also had a slight vibration to it. But before it could respond I went away when my dad called me down stairs. And after that night everything changed.

In the years that followed some strange things started happening. Whenever I fell or got hurt I was able to heal myself of my injury pretty spontaneously. And not only my injuries, but anyone's injuries as well. Broken bones and cuts I wouldn't heal instantly, but I could speed up the healing process considerably. Bruises and sprains I healed in a day max, and it didn't stop there.

I was in martial arts so I constantly push the boundaries of my physical self, and I already began meditating on my own. So my physical and mental mind reached a peak back in 2008. At that point some strange things started happening, my sense of awareness around me grew into a sense of future events. Dreams started flowing every night like movies, events of things that were happening a mouth in advance, then a week, then a day. The pattern stayed consistent for two years up until the end of my freshman year when I stopped having dreams of the future.

But the dreams and healing weren't the only thing. I started feeling these fields around people and animals and soon I was feeling their emotions. For a while it was actually a little overwhelming, my sense of self was sometimes lost in the endlessly changing waves of multiple people at once during lunch time or in the halls when I first started tuning into these fields.

Still in martial arts I began experimenting with what I could do with the fields I sensed. First with dodge ball to have an advantage of sensing where all the balls where coming from, then to using my own energy field to improve my strikes to make them stronger.

Soon my energy began surrounding my body on a regular basis with put me having to tune into my own energy field which made it easier to sense other fields and manage the emotions of others a lot easier. And in 2010 again something strange happened.

2010, at this point of my life I know I\'m different from everyone else and I have pretty much accepted that whatever was going on with me was just simply apart of me. And in the middle of the school year I caught wind of astral projection. I explained to my mom that I remembered the events of my night terrors and she recommended that I look up what astral projection is and the difference between that and lucid dreaming. And after considerable amount of research o decided that basing my own truths off of memories would not be sufficient enough to have any reasonable conclusions about what happened during those experiences. So I attempted to astral project as winter approached that year.

My first few attempts were proven difficult to adjust as I found myself feeling the similar shaking I felt as a child during the night terrors. Turns out it was my astral body energizing as it left my body and my body was able to pick up the subtle energies given off. But the third night I was able to get off the strange sensation of my consciousnesses switching awareness. When I left my body I was able to look down at myself and confirm that I was indeed out of my body. I went to the windows expecting to be able to break through or phase through and fly away but to my surprise I couldn't. Outside time seemed broken as I saw the environment fading into different timelines were mixed together. Forests took back the neighborhood while old cars stood still in odd places. There were people in my time on top like a faded shade of color overlapping everything continuing normally. It was a strange site so I went to look around my house to see if there was any noticeable changes. There was one obvious one as I walked down the stairs looking into the living room. The old original chandelier hung with authentic unique bulbs shining bright and giving off a strange warmth. Everything else was the same, though lite up with this strange light from what now is nothing but hanging wire in my waking life.

I wanted to go outside but I felt that too much time had gone by since left my body, so went back to my body. Upon returning to my body I woke up then went back to sleep feeling almost rejuvenated.

And that is the beginning to what began the most exciting and scary two years of my life so far.

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-27)
Ninja77, I know that developing abilities can be exciting and scary at the same time, but if you ever want any one to talk to that knows what you're going through or if you want help training your abilities, I'm your girl. I can even help you with questions you may have about them. My e-mail is:

rainashea16 [at]

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