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So everyone I'd like to apologize in the gap of articles I've written for this site but with so much going on in my personal life I haven't had time at all to really write anything which was a major downer for me.

Well here it goes, in the time that it's taken me to write this article I have learned that I have an innate sense of people. I've gotten to the point of being able to profile someone through 15 minutes of direct conversation no matter the medium i.e.; person to person, instant messaging/e-mail, or through the phone. It's helped a lot for my circle of peers and even helped my friends and family in business transactions. It's merely a deeper form of empathy though on an ego and inner emotional level to my belief but maybe I'm wrong and it's a separate type of ability entirely but I've been able to tell my friends when their transactions would backfire or they'd get jibbed on the work they've done just by seeing the person picture. It at first started freaking me out until I learned to control it and use it purely from the individuals eyes so the conversation isn't necessary just a good look at the person through a picture or in person. I know it could be used very easily for the wrong reasons so only my family and one of my closest friends knows I've learned how to use this ability. It's something that is a very fun gift to have especially if a friend brings someone new around me. So more than likely my affinity for empathic abilities has more than strengthened.

I have had some time though to perfect one form of writing and that's projection style. I've recently been able to practice it on a few poems and stories I rewrote from when I was a pre teen and I've been able to have people feel and see every word that I've wrote so it's all a mental movie. I've kept working on it and its progress is making me very proud to be an author now I just need to be republished because it's been far too long since I've written anything publication worthy. But now onto the actual article which relates it to this site.

I have been resting my abilities well more or less hid behind the mental wall I built nearly three years ago which is mostly demolished now. I've been experiencing known demonic influence in the actions of those around me and they've actually influenced my family members to try and remove the stones and candles I have in my room and throw them out. They got the candles but the stones are always on my person and they'll never be able to take those from me. I've been able to communicate with one of the demons that has followed me back from that night and it is very clear they aren't done fighting for the rights to me and it's a rather unsettling fact but it doesn't scare me because I know that even the darkest shadow cannot smother the flame from a single candle and I'm not just one candle, as long as I can remember I'm not alone then I will never be the single candle fighting back the darkness. Along with the communication with the demon I've been hearing scratching on my door and walls (house has no animals in it and I've called an exterminator) but at night there's also movement outside my window at least 4 times a week. Yes I'm on the ground floor but because my window is behind bushes and it's the shape of a person I've gone out almost every night to see what was causing it with nothing around, I've gone around the house and looked with a flashlight not even a trace of another person and its always around 330. Go figure right? 333 is when it all stops and the movement is gone and my house gets silent again.

My guardian is also out in full swing and as freaky as it is getting a foot rub from an entity it's rather relaxing and I'm loving it entirely. I also have my biological father here with me he's trying to tell me how to maintain my sanity while dropping the wall completely and what he's saying makes absolutely perfect sense but at the same time theoretical sense not logically that sound. But when has divine knowledge ever made sense to us stuck in the mortal plane of existence.

I apologize for all the lack of context in the article and if it gets published I would like to thank the admin for allowing me to give this lack luster update on how things are progressing. Hopefully when there's less activity going on around me I will be able to inform you all on here and now in my life.




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ElectricBlue (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-08)
Freedom, make sure those universal boots have metal tips or spikes, if they even make those anymore. Or maybe a universal crowbar would work better. If you don't have one, you can borrow mine. It's good to see that you're handling it well.
fight4freedom (2 stories) (40 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-07)
Electric spontaneity is something that keeps me going and more than likely I'd move if there was stagnancy. And thank you for the wishes of luck but I've come to the belief of manifesting my own and I know this situation will work out for the best, they're either going to keep up the games and get a universal boot up their rear ends or they're going to stop trying I'm not going anywhere.
But my talents are no different than anyone's I've just built my knowledge through research, meditation, and experience which allowed me to deviate from the base paths.
ElectricBlue (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-07)
Well, welcome back. Wow, that sounds really scary. I'd hate to be in a situation like that. Sorry that yoy have to deal with. I wish you good luck with getting through the situation. Also, I think your talents are amazing. I wish I knew how to control my "spontaneous moments" like that.

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