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12 Cloaked Beings


3 years ago, I saw 12 men in hooded cloaks almost like grim reapers. They would change sizes, and would sway from side to side, sometimes floating in mid air and sometimes they had green eyes and would have no face just darkness where the hood went over there face, and other times they faces that looked like Siths off of the movie Star Wars which was really scary.

I would see them sending energy and communicating to each other through waves of circles and spirals in the air. One night I tried to focus on one of them and saw a yellow light coming straight at me, next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning not remembering what happened. My boyfriend who was also spiritual was able to communicate while meditating with them they surrounded him in a circle, and afterwards he told me he thought they were protector beings from the light.

I tried to go on with my life as normal but kept seeing them were ever I went like work, shopping while I was showering etc. Which got me fired from my job because I started talking about them and asking people if they saw them too? I knew by letting them in I had let lower energy spirits into my life too, so I decided to get ghost buster people to my house to send all the low energies through the light to be cleansed, after they had got rid of the negative energy they motioned me to come through to my dining room with them, I sat down and straight away they asked "what do you want us, to do with the 12 hooded beings?". I was shocked I hadn't mentioned the 12 beings because I wanted to check these ghost busters were the real deal, which they were.

One of the women ghost busters then told me the being would like to communicate with me and had been trying for some time now, but I hadn't heard them because of my fear of them. I agreed for the being to talk through one of the women there who was a clairvoyant and could channel them through her. As soon as she began talking, I could see one of the beings miniature size on the wall behind her sending her the waves and spirals of energy directly into her mind. They told me they were not protectors but to call them masters, and that I had contracted them in heaven, before I was born to guide me through life spiritually and emotionally.

And that they were there to help me be a star-seed, and to accomplish my mission on earth to help the earth and its people. They then went on to tell me my fear was holding me back, and that I could not go forward without letting my fear go and embracing them.

I thought to myself that if I let down the spiritual guards I had put up to protect me, I would be overwhelmed by negative spirits as well as the beings from the light.

The Being still speaking through the clairvoyance then told me, I could have anything I wanted Spiritually and all I had to do was ask! I thought to myself in my own head without speaking that I wanted to fly one day. The being quickly responded through the women "One day you will ".

This scared me completely, the being had read my thoughts and responded to my question. That I had only thought of but not said out loud. I Thought something else to see if it was really happening, and suddenly I could see my name glowing on the dining room wall. Almost as if someone had written it with a glow in the dark pen.

As the conversation was ending with the Beings from the light, they mentioned to me if at any time I was too afraid or couldn't deal with it, that I could ask them to leave and they would.

This eventually happened 4 months later, because letting them in I had opened the door to every spirit around me, which I could not deal with because my fear of the unknown had consumed me and made me almost nocturnal.

I am glad they're gone now, but am still unsure if they were really from the light or not. And if anyone else ever had them or had seen them before?

I just want to know is anyone else a Star seed/Star person. Who has contracted Guides in cloaked robes to help them with spiritual and personal growth?"

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Nanabug0508 (5 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-18)
Hi. I don't hear them and mine are not always the hooded ones that appear like a grim reaper deal but I see on and off for 3 years now different ones I mean they are talking to each other just I'm not able to hear them. I have saw even one of them was a clown. They are full bodied and they know I can see them. I even saw two lions with them one day. These ones terrify me. I get very anxious and nervous when they are around. I have other things happening right now and haven't saw these lately but I do know the feeling you get when they are around I do the same thing I know pretty quickly when they are there. Also they are inside the house and some outside but now I see shadow people now I dk if anything sparks something from yall but there are these hooded figures and no you aren't crazy. I can certainly empathize with you. I been told I have the gift of empath and that I always said it's dejavu but I get these feelings somethings wrong or something bads up. Many blessings to you all.
goodvibes (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-18)
This post is pretty old but I'm hoping some of you reading this can help. I have been having a similar situation going on for some time now. Starting 4-5 years ago, if I were to stay up later than 11,12, or 1 o clock I would feel as if there were entities watching me, and analyzing me. Writing this now, even though its during the day I feel as if they are around me. I'm not biased to psychic phenomenon, meaning I believe in both psychology and spirituality, so it was normal for me to go online and search "paranoia at night". I found a psychology forum where a lot of people talked about feeling as if things were coming for them at night, unbearable paranoia. I felt the same way and it felt good knowing there was a rational explanation for it. But recently the paranoia has gotten worse and more...unexplainable. Last night I stayed up until 2am. I was eating in the kitchen when the paranoia started. You know the feeling when you think there's a spider on your shoulder? (I hate spiders) Thats the feeling that started occurring but x10. Because my house has so many windows I went to my room, and turned on the tv to calm my nerves. I then tried going to bed but my body started buzzing. My heart rate went up faster than ever (I'm a bodybuilder its gone up pretty high at times) and I started getting chest pains. I was looking around my room when I saw entities in my room. I couldn't see them fully, but just their energy and shape moving around. There were lights appearing on my wall, like small circles. I thought it may have been projected from an electronic device I left on, but nothing was on. The chest pains got worse and at one point I felt someone blowing on my head. My room has no vents, just the bathroom. I felt this energy around me, extremely intense and finally had a voice in my head saying "This is it Adam, its time to go."
Im an empath and I think I'm clairvoyant. I'm able to pick up peoples energies and know their intentions from the second I lay eyes on them or hear their voice, but I honestly don't know what this is. I don't know if the beings are good or bad because whenever I encounter an intense energy my heart rate soars, whether its good or bad.
chelsiemayk88 (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-05)
thank you for your comment, I do think one day I will be able to let go of my fear but, until then I will have to work on first being confident in my own ability to protect myself and secondly the ability to find my higher self and ask for guidance.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-04)
This brings up a good point. How do we if those who makes contact with us, if they are good or bad, and can some seemingly good intentioned beings really not be? I think for all of us we have to use discretion. Most guides first of all rarely make an appearance because the laws of those truly from the higher planes are ones allowing free will to those they watch over. However, if there is a crisis that will prevent work that is to be done in this life, some intervention can occur.

We will all fly one day because when we die, we are not restricted to the physical and its laws.

It seems to me the point of these hooded figures is to hide. Angelic beings are generally surrounded by incredible white light. I remember last year astral projecting, moving to my back yard, looking up, and this being quickly pulled a dark hooded cape around him so I couldn't see him. I said to him, "I already saw you so no point in hiding." Anyway, the point is, these things are used as cloaking devices so this would point further still of a non guide.

They are right on one point though; your fear is your biggest obstacle to growth. Remember, you are an eternal being that is far more powerful than you're giving yourself credit for. If you are meant to help earth and her people then you should know that you are protected on some level, whether it's by these cloaked figures or some other force (like your own higher self). TRUST that your life is going exactly as is planned and try and release some of this fear. You won't go to the next level until you do. We can fight our destiny all we want or just let it unfold and progress. The choice is yours.

Our lifetimes span who knows how long so the likelihood that some of us are from somewhere else is mathematically probable. I know when I project, I see a planet that is my "home" and it's not earth. I think souls come here to help the earth that is currently in crisis.

Thanks for sharing.

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