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Too Many Incidents To Name


My name is william. I'm 28. This has been happening for 10 years now that I remember and I can't stop it.

Its out of control. I see guardian angels following people. I hear them and smell their scent that they use to smell like.

I have dreams that come true. My girl friend got killed and I watched it happen. Seen my grandmother dying. And I saw my ex girl friends friends get killed.

I have had the archangel come up to me 3 times and talk to me. I can levitate I can not fall. I hit a slick spot and I start slipping and I feel myself levitate upright.

I can astral project. I have astral projected to work one time and started working. Same in a room trying to get out a door. I have seen demons. I have seen dragons, leprachauns. 3 dragons. One was all black with blue eyes. I could feel their breathe on me and see their wings.

I'm reincarnation of Raegnok. Powerful warlock. I can move things with my mind. I have moved cue balls cell phones and slowed heavy things down.

I have pulled a few people out of a coma but it almost killed me. I can stop pain. I have started seeing things about to happen while I'm awake. Seen accidents about to happen. Seen people about to leave parking lots. I can feel other peoples emotions and know what they are thinking.

Right now I can't be in a crowded room without going crazy. Its hard to concentrate with so much going on and I just want it all to stop. Or know how to control it. Everyone I reach out I get to advanced for them and they can't help me.

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