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Have I Opened Myself To More?


I been seeking answers for my experiences over the years and really had been having experiences with shadows and lights. Now I believe because I am trying to find answers I've opened up for more.

Just the past two nights not only have I saw shadow people but have not slept maybe four hours altogether. Both my experiences that's happened this week I didn't wake too. I was already up. I've saw several shadow people who don't really scare me I just don't know what they are or want with me. Now the bathroom water keeps turning on and then after I get up to see if anyone else is up it turns off. Then three times I was touched on my low back, leg, and like someone running their fingers through my hair. This morning I was lying back and saw the shadows. I just stayed put and tried to relax and I did. Then I felt someone like petting me along my ribs. Night before last the water turned on and off three or four times and then I would hear a door shut. Last night I heard footsteps and someone walking. The floor was creaking and I know someone came down the hall.

I live with my husband of 26 years. My daughter, grandson, son in law, and my gramma. I do not talk them about these things because they don't see or experience things like I do. It just causes tensions because they could try to at least realize somethings going on with me. It's not paranoid delusions or I'm not crazy. Things really have amped up since we moved from the farmhouse I spoke of in one my stories. Everyone in the family experienced something there.

Do you think I'm getting more sensitive to things? Or could I be cursed these things keep happening? Because of the religious background I grew up in everything to do with paranormal is evil. Now I don't believe that but that's why my family will not talk about things. They raised me to believe as they do but because things I experienced I knew that not all I could agree with. I am spiritual and believe in God but I am not religious.

I have often thought I would like to move out and be with my husband only. That's not a option for me right now though. My daughter has a very serious medical condition where she has blood clots at anytime amd anywhere. She lost her leg at the age of twenty and since has had two more clots. She had three strokes and two gran maul seizures. Was on life support and now she has to watch her blood closely and she has certain obstacles. One thing is its very hard on her with the grand baby he will be three in May. I stay home and help with his care and see to her anything she may need. The negative here is I have medical issues too but I do what I can. I have been in intensive care unit twice with respiratory failure. Therefore could have being so close to death opened something? These new experiences since the farmhouse have coincided with health issues, financial difficulties, and going through several personal problems.

I have spoken of several experiences that are currently happening. I am confused and lost. But I now really want to find answers to these questions. Like I have said I have always had things going on since I was a teenager. Now being where I am and experiences amping back up need to know what I should be doing. Do I have a sixth sense? Dejavu? How do you really develop what's going on so you can help someone? Especially seeing my grandson struggling with fear in his eyes and I don't like it. I want to help him not to be afraid of these things. I don't want to discourage him. He needs to know he can talk to me about anything. Anytime. I can only imagine where I might be now had my grandparents listened to me instead of forbidding any belief in paranormal. Anyway I could use any help with the things I have shared in all my stories. I should have just written one and spoke of all it but there is just so much that is happening right now. Then the past experiences are so vast amd numerous. I really don't know why but if I try talk to someone they laugh it off. Or say you are crazy or paranoid. My gramma says I need a psychiatrist for anxiety and depression. She says I am paranoid. I know I'm not crazy and I know what I see, hear, and feel. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help. Many blessings!

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Nanabug0508 (5 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Thanks for your input. I appreciate all help & any advice I'm given. This week I'm sure I felt like something bad was coming because I lost a cousin last night. No I didn't know who or what but I none the less knew something bad was happening. Again TY for your time.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-21)
If people suffer an illness, accident or depression this can be a sign of discarnate spirits lingering around a home/location.
A home close to a prison/cemetery or close to a historical tragedy
Can bring similar symptoms of doom illness to humans.

Leylines can cause similar symptoms and can move things in home. Both can cause sensitive to shadow self development and meditation with disciplines can help open sensitivity.

Sleep deprivation consistently is sign there is an imbalance which requires an investigation into source.

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