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From Night Terrors To Shadow People


I am 43 and have had numerous experiences since I can remember. But was always discouraged from speaking of it. Now with my current situation luckily I found this site and may can find answers. When I was young I would be asked what I was doing and would say, "I'm playing with granny Hawk." The only problem with this is I never knew my granny H she had died when my mom was a child. I would tell them things about her that I couldn't possibly know. Then I would feel things before they happened. I used to dream things then parts would come to pass. I also have saw things and heard things I know was real but I was the only one to see them. In church twice I have saw a shadow that was evil and both times this was confirmed when the pastor said he knew the enemy was there. The church then prayed it out. I have always been able to walk into places and I could tell you that it's not right. There's a heaviness to the atmosphere.

I don't really know what else to say but I have always thought that everyone felt the same way. I also have what I guess is dejavu. I also just recently found out that no not everyone has this either. Which I thought, like I said, everyone did experience same things I do. I have sleep problems. I am up every morning at 3 am. Always. I also do this deal with my mind. It starts racing with a image or thought then it's like a movie being played out in my head. Sometimes it is people. Mostly it's places or things. It happens randomly. Little snips will slow down and I pick up certain images then it will start racing. Not sure what this is.

I'm now as in my other story dealing with shadows and lights. I have a two and half year old grand baby who has been saying things lately. I'm wondering if he's dealing with some of the things I did. He says occasionally there is a man that jumped out and scared him. He calls the man pawpaw. He will also just stop playing suddenly. He then starts sliding close but watching the same spots as I am. As if he is sensing something there too. He is terrified of shadows. I know he's not picking up on me though. I make sure to tell him he doesn't have to be scared nothings here. But he has sleep problems. At his age he should sleep through the night. But he wakes terrified a lot. I had night terrors when I was a child and I believe he is picking up something. His mom would tell me about being in heaven. That Jesus let her pick me and her dad. I was raised in a very strict religious home. When I had my daughter though I did not go to church. I did not teach her about anything as I was taught. I have no idea how she knew who Jesus is. Let alone being in heaven before she was born. She told us about Jesus and all the babies around him asking was it their turn to come. She floored us with that.

So many of the stories here sound like my own experiences. I know I am feeling these things and they are real. I don't know why or how to use any of this. I especially want to understand these shadows I talked about in my other story. I am confused and lost. Not sure how to help my grandson. Do not know how to help myself either. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. The rest of my family doesn't believe or speak of these things. But I sure hope I can find answers. The shadows and other experiences. Make me a nervous wreck. This is affecting my life drastically. Now I spoke about being raised in a strict religious home. I am very spiritual and believe in God but I am not religious. I just want you all to understand where I am and some about me. Many blessings to each!

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-06)
Hello nanabug,

Thanks for sharing your story. When you asked about your images you see with your inner vision, that would simply be your own personal way of receiving psychic visions. These visions can come in many forms, like images in your case, or like watching a movie, or even like a 3D movie. Sometimes, and this is probably my favorite type of vision, you are immersed into what looks like virtual reality where your view point moves. So what you see is normal. Well as normal as a psychic experience can be.

About the dark ghostly figures, I have never in my life experienced a benevolent spirit of a dark color. I would have that removed if I were you.

I hope that helps a little.


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