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Can't Protect From Self


I am not new to the psychic world or to this site, however I have recently been having an issue that I can not seem to resolve. I know someone will try to say meditation, don't it does nothing for me. However I have had some success with trancing and releasing some of the problem to my bond partner (similar to a "twin flame"). Anyways, on to what is bothering me.

I know some people do not believe that psychic energy has polarity (good or bad), however I do believe that energy can harbor polarity, if that makes sense. I believe and use, for the most part, the energy of my gifts for good. But, when I am around too much negative energy or beings or if I am experiencing too many negative emotions and/or using an ability for something that isn't good (I'm not a bad person) , I "shadow". Its the term I use for "good" psychics who experience this. When I "shadow" my aura, which is never a consistent color, instead it fluctuates with my mood and current active ability, turns black. To be precise it becomes what I and other psychic friends have seen and described as "black flames". It never directly hurts me, but it consumes my nearly boundless energy very quickly and seemingly causes my abilities to go hay wire. Well actually it inverts my abilities. For example when I shadow my healing ability makes others injuries worse or instead of taking small amounts of energy with my psychic vampirism, I randomly spurt energy. The abilities attack (for lack of better terminology) others and harms them psychically.

I hate hurting people, especially since I'm an empath and I can feel it. I also try not to hurt others, my goal is instead to lead others and help them any way I can. But I have a lot of abilities and thus it is very dangerous. I have tried using various abilities of mine to stop it, even once negating my own abilities, but it is relentless. Is it an imbalance of chakras? A possible empathetic outlash? My psychic shield storing too much energy? Do I have too many abilities? Is it another ability I haven't yet learnt to control or ever heard of? I don't know, but it's definitely concerning, help please!

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-14)
Hi bsuttles3922,

I will give you a quick advice (and it's not about meditation). To deal with the problem you mentioned about which is that of being affected by psychic negative energies around you, you would need to raise your own vibration. Like attracts like and it's even more true when it comes to energies. A low vibe energy will pass unnoticeably right through someone with a high vibe.

Quenn (1 stories) (9 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-21)
Hey just read your post. Email me and give me some more info. I'll try and figure out a way to help you

Adkerin91 [at]

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