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I Feel Alone For The First Time In Months


A few months ago, a new spirit started following me. I got the sense that she was a young woman, from maybe the 1920's. She had a child with her at first, but I could only feel their presence sometimes. She followed me everywhere for the most part. At first it was unnerving because she was the only spirit I had ever acknowledged without fear. But eventually we started to grow a silent, mutual bond.

I knew she was around because I would get a weird ringing in my ear, like a high scream. I would make sure only I heard it, and if it was only me, I knew she was near. If the ringing were on and off, the kid was with her as well. She had a soothing presence; it calmed me when I was stressed or nervous or upset. But recently, something with her has changed.

A few nights ago, I was kept awake until around two because the screaming was so loud. I tried music to drown it out, but that made it worse. She wasn't in danger, or pain, because I would've had the urge to help. But it seemed like she was angry with me for some reason. The door to the room I had been sleeping in kept opening even after I'd closed it, though the air was pushing it closed rather than open.

I got really anxious and had a really bad night. Since then, she hasn't returned. To me, it doesn't make any sense because I didn't tell anyone about her, and if she ever needed help I made it clear that I was an open channel and that she could speak/communicate through and with me if necessary.

I miss her ridiculously, and I honestly think I know who she is and who the child is. But without her being here to show me her face, I can't be sure and I hate thinking no one will ever know her story. I feel like a piece of me has been taken away, stolen, crushed, and I hate it. I just really want to know if anyone has had similar experiences or has any advice.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-11)
Something changed with you.

If a spirit works through or with you.
There are a few reasons: we are a channel
For them to work through. They complete their work by aligning with us thereby finishing their
Mission. On a neg we outgrow them. We heal
Ourself to a place there is no opening/weakness
So they can no longer stay.

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