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Reading Other People's Mind And Demonic Possession


I'm knew here and I wanted to discuss what has been happening to me in the past year. I'd really appreciate feedback, help, and discussions!

It all started my Freshman year of college. I would be sitting in my dorm with my friend, and we'd see colors floating around the room. We never said anything to each other. Until, we started hearing someone banging on one side of the wall. 3 very large pounds. What is strange is how on this particular side of the wall, there was no room... It was the end room of my dorm complex. After this, strange things occurred afterwards. All of my posters would fall at night (even when taped with secure tape, I'd even give them a tug to make sure...nope...very attached.) In the middle of the night, I'd be awaken to my dorm bathroom shutting, and then I'd hear footsteps running towards my bed. (I had my own room and own bathroom) A lot of people agreed that room had strange energy.

Things were never the same when I tripped on LSD in my room. (I'm sorry if this is inappropriate but just hear me out!) I have tripped LSD 2 times prior to this... None in my room...however, the 3rd time I tripped, I left my body. I always got this feeling I was being followed or watched my whole life. After the 3rd trip, I got this feeling that it was a small, male child with the mind of an adult who has been tagging along by my side my whole life. I don't believe in ghosts or anything, however I do believe energies strong enough can become attached.

Anyways, fast forward to this summer. I'd be hanging out with my old friends, and all of a sudden they'd become weirded out by me. They said I was "possessed by a demon". What?! I didn't believe them. However, I started to feel pulls towards people. As if I was being sucked into them, I was always being pulled towards someone, like a magnet. It was super strong. Only 1 time did I feel this magnet being pulled towards me, from a crush way long back. The magnets are so strong, that even when I'm by myself I feel pulled away, it's in my head. The energy in my head will pull a certain direction, and right below my right ear/back of head, I can hear people talking. I can never tell if these people are talking to me or that little child following me. I hear full sentences and conversations going on. It almost feels as if there is a leak in my head and either I'm unconsciously talking to people without realizing, they are talking to me, or talking to each other. I'm clueless!

I've always had psychic abilities. I can read the energy in a room like no other, and can "hear"/pick up on what was said prior to me entering a room. However, with these leak, it's vanished and I'm constantly uncomfortable. I've always been a "naked" type, basically living life with no flesh, so to speak. I remember I'd always be able to tell when people were upset, with something going on, or in their lives, or me even from my own home. I was very connected with people. Everyone always tended to gravitate towards me, because my energy was very centered and large. I mean, so large it felt like it took up a huge room. Now, however, I feel like that aura of bubbly energy is gone. I feel my energy is sucked, I feel shallow, nonconcrete, my head just floats, I feel terrified because my energy is gone. It's what I've relied on my whole life. It's vanished. And in it's place is something else... Something that actually seems evil, vindictive, and my friends say it has "raped" them... That energy. What upsets me most, is how they've cut me from their lives cause of the "possession", and no longer wish to see me anymore. However, no matter WHAT they went through, I stayed, I supported, I gave ENORMOUS amounts of advice, I was always their comfort friend. I did feel used by them, however, only having me as the "psychologist friend", but when it was my turn to talk about what troubles me it was always "Sorry, not good at advice." So I've never had anyone to lean on... Except me. It kept me strong and connect, but I feel drained everyday. I hear these voices. I feel this STRONG pull like you wouldn't believe. I think my guard/shield is down. I am going insane from this, I truly cannot stand it anymore.

(Came from a terrible home-life. I am a gifted child, btw, and I believe giftedness/"special needs" children give off a plethora of energy.)

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-12)
Drugs may enhance one to open to the psychic
Side. You have mentioned this also includes
Low energy entities attaching, which is what you are explaining occurred to you.

The reality is some cultures have used drugs in ritual. The safety is the beliefs and practices as
A group outside activity is a risk.

The remedy is to abstain from drugs and chemicals.

If possible eat organic food which can help clear out
Foreign chemicals out of the body.

Also using positive affirmations about what you want
In your life. An advanced Crystal Therapist can do an extraction.
You will also need them to instruct you in a grounding
Plus standing your ground.

The reality is humans all want an escape.

Some and part of the past created a scenario for
This occurance. This situation can turn into a positive
If you follow through with obtain the remedy.

I am greatful you have courage to reaching out.

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