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Help, I Think I Am Being Haunted


A few years ago me and my family moved into an old house, everything was fine until we re-did the back section. I started noticing, especially when I was alone, footsteps and quiet knocking. I am 13 and live with my parents and two sisters.

My room is the coldest in the house ever since I moved in to the room, when my parents slept in there it was warm. I am fairly certain the original owners are dead.

When I listen to music in my room the music starts and stops and my things move around my room. My room used to be the master bedroom, if that helps.

Every Wednesday I am left alone for around half a hour and that is when I hear the most footsteps.

Water from the shower just goes off when no one is in there. Also my shower water changes temperature when I am in there.

Also my littlest sisters toys go off randomly a lot, (She is 2).

I hear my name being called in my house and outside of my house is well, most days. I have felt as if someone was sitting beside me, but I felt calm, I sort of feel like I am being looked after? At first I thought it might be my grandfather or something, but it feels more like a person my age.

I think I have seen figures in my mirrors or the TV but I am not 100% sure. They change shapes, mostly it is like a fuzzy rectangle with a oval on top, it disappears after around five seconds.

I have woken up in the night to my door opening and I am a really deep sleeper.

Once or twice I have felt like some one was holding me when I am falling asleep. Again I feel safe or protected, but I don't like it, it scares me.

I would love to know what is going on, I am a little scared. Thank you.

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NightWind13 (47 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-16)
I have a friend at who happens the same but his house is new. I personally think there are ghosts in that house and if they don't show to be friendly mabye you can ask your parents to leave and get another house. You can tell them what happens or tell them other reasons. I think that the figures youve seen in the mirror are real because I have seen stuff in mirrors thet arent like that. For example I have seen my self with red eyes or holding a big wodden stick which with I control the won't on the top of a mountain. But if you keep scared it would be better to tell someone. For me a friend would be best...
Special_Unicorn07 (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-12)
😊 Hello SummerinCali, No need to worry at all... It's pretty obvious there are other people living with you in your house, and nooope I'm not talking about your family, I'm talking about Ghosts. Apparently, they are not dangerous, They just want to give you a message. They need your help so, help them! First of all, I bet sometimes, you feel safe or even good when you feel a presence, but other times... You're really afraid. If it's the case, it means there are two types of ghosts in your house, the good and the bad ones. The ghost that makes you feel good, calm and safe is probably the spirit of a member of your family who passed away, or a ''Guardian'' someone who's walking by your side to protect you. The other ones that make you feel bad, scared are the ones who are moving the objects, knocking, etc just to make you notice they're in the house and they haven't crossed to the other side yet, My personal advice is to try to talk to them. DON'T BE AFRAID. When you hear something, ask a question like ''Who are you?'' ''How can I help you?'' etc. Just talk to them. You can talk to the good and ''bad'' ones too. They both might need your help for something like giving a message to a loved one, helping them to go to the other side etc. ONE important thing is, DO NOT hesitate to yell at them if you feel you're in danger, You can just say ''LEAVE ME ALONE! AND DON'T DARE TO POSSES MY BODY! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT! MY BODY IS A TEMPLE, AND THEREFORE, YOU CAN'T ENTER IF I DON'T ALLOW YOU TO DO IT'' Or you can try to be kind and say ''CALM DOWN, I UNDERSTAND YOU! I'M SO SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD BE ANGRY TOO! YOU WANT JUSTICE! I KNOW! SO, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU! DON'T BE AFRAID. LET ME HELP YOU!' Ghosts are like us! I mean, they can be afraid too and sometimes, they just need to know what love is! 😉 but the first option it to try to be kind with them, show them you're trying to help them and understand them, it's the best. You can also take a pen and a paper when you feel they're here and they can make you write informations, or the message that they want to give you. If you feel your fingers are moving, don't be afraid, just take a pen and a paper and observe, you can see your hand is writing something, and that something is IMPORTANT. They can be pretty enigmatic though. Try to decode them. And well, if they insist and acting ''too'' dangerously, they want you to leave the house! Because it's ''their'' house and they don't want ''visitors'' nor ''odd people'' to come. Good luck! And don't forget to pray! ❤

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