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Attacked By A Paranormal Psychologist!


It all started last year when I moved into a shared accommodation student house while I was studying.

The day I moved in I met a man 9 years my senior (27), he was born an Australian but was dark skinned and of Sri-Lankan descent.

He was studying Psychology and to me he seemed incredibly intelligent but also really strange in his behavior/dialogue.

I really looked up to him as a wise older friend, someone who could help me find out more about myself & the world.

However at the same time I don't know if I completely trusted him, I was suspicious in my gut (wish I trusted it).

We would hang out together a lot. He would tell me his observations of things and over time my mind expanded exponentially.

I went from an innocent, relatively immature 18 year old (Somewhat Christian) into a high-powered, lateral thinking machine believing in the magical powers of the Earth and Universe. Life was getting exciting!

Eventually my mind was working so rapidly/creatively I conceived my best idea for a story/movie to write.

I was extremely happy as this is what I wanted to do with my career and I told my house-mate about it.

He encouraged me to proceed full steam ahead and said he would help me in the writing process. I was over the moon.

Not so long after around his birthday things took a turn for the worse and it was become a little bit too much for me.

Our discussions were drifting away from what was once encouraging words about the world and the future and was somewhat going towards a more personal direction, becoming more of a indirect attack on me, my past and my character. He would often insinuate and allude to things in a very sly, sneaky way that one would interpret as him beyond the realm of a normal human and could do things like read my mind etc.

Eventually it came down to a breaking point.

I was in his room and we were having quite a heavy discussion about things when I started to get emotional and cry.

He asked me what was wrong and I didn't know exactly but he said he could help me as long as I "Let Him In.". Well I did. Big mistake!

As soon as I did for the first time ever I saw this white wisp of vapor coiling around the room. He also acknowledged he could see it and then he actually communicated with it. He looked at me, I had tears in my eyes and he said. "Well I hate to kick someone while they're down." Immediately I could feel dread. Absolute dread.

Afterwards my world flipped. I knew he was in my mind, looking in every nook and cranny. He could also project into my mind.

He would call me derogatory names, insult my character and would tell me I am destined for punishment, pain and despair.

This continued on to my 19th birthday. (worst birthday ever!)

I was so depressed/scared that I had to move out back into my parent's house in another city. I thought he would leave me alone then but still to this day he is here, bullying me.

Other people have also sensed the presence of something around me.

I can still see this white wisp of vapor near me sometimes.

It has been over a year, I am still stuck in my parent's house, full of fear/anger over what happened. Sometimes he also haunts my dreams and a girl I am seeing has also seen him in hers. (It was definitely him.) I have gone from the happy 18 year old full of life and excitement about the future to an agoraphobic, depressed 20 year old who thinks about ending my life almost every day because of the pain of this.

I don't know what he is. I don't know why he is doing this to me.

I know I just need help.


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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-30)
Ending your life is never the answer, it could still continue while not alive. You should be the one in charge of this, and not letting it bring you down. Pray, read, do stuff to get your mind off of it. Say; "in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave." Do anything, make this guy in you go away.

But it may not be bad. There is a possability that he is just there to help you, someone looking out for you. Try to fist find out what side he is on, and how exactly he is effecting you.
Take care,
~River ❤
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-23)
One thing to consider could be trying double meditation with your girlfriend. This would basically mean meditating together and joining your minds at rest. If you both have abilities it is possible that together you can drive him out. If you do this it will take very much energy, so be careful.
I hope this can help,
Shaman-Karl (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-19)
I've researched some spiritual healers in my city.
However the healer I landed on is charging %450 for a 4 hour session. Apparently he is one of the best in the biz but I definitely don't have any where near that type of money as I am currently unemployed and not receiving any government benefits so I will have to investigate alternative paths and cheaper options.
Thanks again PathR, I appreciate it.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-19)
With disputes/confrontation/fight- there is an exchange of energy going into people. The lower back holds our patterns. The upper back holds the negative energy sent to us.

May I back up. And say regarding forgiveness of self. I personally feel the word forgiveness lacks a true definition it does not capture the Truth. The idea would be to look at oneself and face oneself with an aim to break patterns. And make friends with our chatty mind. See the mind and unconscious for what it is. See our shadow shelf. Heal what we inherit or what was done to us or come to terms with what we have done. Repentance means a change of heart/mind and actions.

These steps are a journey. Once you pass the main hurdle- gain your composure/balance. You can forge through the rest.

Can I recommend you start with a Homeopathy:Opium. It may just do the trick to cut the site of his energy placed during the initial situation loss of physical energy. I just get a feeling this may help. Start with the two pellits-30cc once or twice depending how you feel. After taking: do not brush teeth/drinking/eat for 15min Do not use mint tea or Jasmine at all.

Take until you feel better.

Once I took a remedy for 5days had to stop.

If it works you will feel it the same day.
Google:The Seven Chakras of the
If this does not work look for another.

Then you can go for healing so smudges and baths etc.
Put in a meditation routine.

Remember once you start there is no going back. But the rewards of peace and balance in a changing world are with it.

Good journey keep us posted
Shaman-Karl (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-18)
Thank you very much for the advice PathR, I really appreciate it.
I found your comments on the Chakras in the back and specifically the lower back really interesting!
That's because when things were at the peak period between us, right around the time I "let him in" I would feel this sudden jolt in my lower back (usually when I was trying to sleep). It kind of felt like someone was poking a sharp stick into the nerves of my lower back and it made me 'jump'...
I will look into everything you have said and I will do research on all your suggestions as I am very new to this and don't know much about these things.
Thanks again I really appreciate it...
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-18)
When a human is over taken there are certain area affected-Will/emotions and a disconnect with your spiritual source.

Words can be powerful when an individual has practiced hurting people. It sounds as if you and the other person are empathetic.
The sore opening is you carrying guilt-from your past actions.
Most likely he was a victim and is flinging his pain upon you as a focus. What seems to of happen is once the chakras-1 physical 2-emotions 3-mind have become unsigned we close down. Even if there was no shouting just a strong will with intent can do this.
As an Empathy you opened up in good faith which left you quite vulnerable. The back deals with our will power and connection to guidance and guides.
In this situation you are experiencing Thought forms. This is the thing complied with guilt serves to strengthen Thought forms.

When we have interactions that are forceful this throws the lower 3 chakras and when the back - aligned to our Will power. Which explains your withdrawal and feeling powerless.

The key to breaking free is to make restitution. Find the grace to Forgive yourself. Google Thought forms and cut the ties between you and the other man. Forgiveness to him is not the goal.

Many traditions say we have a trickster in our subconscious. We have patterns that we repeat over and over like an automatic reaction.

I will recommend you can do a spiritual bath and some do smudging myrrh go for a few healings ask the healer to work off the body so they can do a chakra clearing and eventually a chakra balance. See a homeopathy. If strapped for cash do a Spiritual bath an egg cleansing /myrrh smudge for 7 days. Meditate do visualization to cut ties of thought forms (Google). Importantly see yourself as a spiritual being do good to others. Send a wish or good thoughts to the old friend. Thought forms can not thrive in this type of environment.
Shaman-Karl (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-16)
Thank-you for your comment Nightingale, I really appreciate it...
I have discovered a little bit of 'power' here and there.
The odd dream that correlate to current/future events.
A fair bit of telepathy... I've 'heard' my friends, ex-girlfriend, people in my family, sometimes strangers and of course the aforementioned person. I REALLY dislike this power though because I honestly feel that peoples minds are an entirely private place! I don't want to read peoples minds as I certainly DON'T appreciate people reading mine which has happened and it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable and paranoid!
I've also developed a strong sense of "Synchronicity" - where messages from Radio/TV/Film/Music etc give direct input or "signs" that correspond to my life and current situations... That also kind of annoys me as they aren't always good signs and it kind of detracts from the intended entertainment value.
I have sometimes thought about seeing a psychic but I just want to make sure it is worth my time and money... (I have the time but not really any money) so I will consider that option too...
Luckily the girl I am seeing is actually VERY in tune to these things (she is an ex Wiccan girl who has had her own fair share of paranormal experiences when she was a witch.) As I said she has even seen him in dreams where I try to kill him or he tries to take her as his own.
Whilst this does in some ways relieve the problem a little I have also developed such a bad paranoia now because of what has transpired that I don't even completely trust her entirely: ( (Nor my closest friends & family (Or anyone really)). I even thought the person mentioned in the OP might be on this website and comment something to trick me... I hate going into public and meeting new people because I cannot trust ANYONE, I always wonder who is reading my mind now, who is out to get me etc...
He has most certainly been in my mind ALL THIS TIME. (18 months.) Almost everyday I suffer from abuse. In the early stages I even suffered from sleep paralysis sometimes! It has been so horrible and I feel like I should confess that during our time together he insinuated he was some sort of "moral power" (I'm not saying he is the reincarnation of Jesus but he insinuated he was of that sort of nature.)
Now when he finally got into my mind he could see the things I had done in the past (Which have been quite horrible both to myself and other people.) But I'm not going to go into that though, I feel like I've definitely beaten myself up more about it more than enough without him continually punishing me and ruining my future. Our bond was that of strong friendship, I looked up to him as an older brother type... But I feel like I've been extremely betrayed and I've been played from day one. Thanks for helping and encouraging me not to give up, it's just been so horrible, everyday I wake up to hopelessness, no job, no achievements, no good social circle, no study plus I'm a mental wreck with this, constantly angry/sad/scared/paranoid. It is the exact opposite of how I was before this. I do have my girlfriend and family, but I either don't completely trust them OR I feel like I am always letting them down and they would be better off without me...

Thanks again, I appreciate a response.
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-15)
Hello Karl,
First of all, thank you for choosing to ask our help here rather than ending your life today. The girl you're seeing is probably as happy as your family that you have not done it.
Have you ever discovered abilities or sensitivities of your own? If so, try to channel them. If not, don't worry any more than you already are. Seeing this vapor could mean a couple of different things. There could be a presence (good or evil, justlike any living person could be) around him, which could be trantransferred in part or in whole to you. It may also be some manifestation of another plane, visually overlapping or showing itself around you.
If it is possible for you to contact spirits, they may be able to give you some advice and help drive him away. Be careful of who you trust, and always trust your instincts.
If it is possible for you to meet in person with a psychic, this might help. Talk to one in person if you can, and if the feeling is right, you may find that he or she can help you. You may even consider asking the girl in your life to join you there. I hope that you two can speak openly about this.
Has he been "in your mind" for all of this time? A psychic you deem able and trustworthy, or a ghost you, or the psychic can contact, if not you yourself may be able to drive him out.
One good way to prepare for this is to meditate- become incredibly aware of your own mind. Understand what there is yours and natural, and what is not. This will help with the separation.
Distance may also help with the separation. Since I am unsure what kind of bond has been formed, I feel that you might be warned that driving him out after such time could be difficult, painful, or exhausting. This will be worth the fight. Your whole life lies ahead of you, and you deserve to be able to live it freely. Don't stop fighting.
Take hope,

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