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A Message From The Devil


This is my first post on this site, so firstly I want to say "HELLO" to everyone who has interest in these topics.

Last night [ night of 7th & 8th Feb 2016 ] was Chinese new year. I was unaware of this before going to bed until I did a google search the following morning and put 2 and 2 together.

Anyway I went went to bed late this evening, it was almost midnight.

As I sat on my bed quietly, I noticed a faint ticking sound coming from outside the bedroom door. I started to focus on the sound and as I did this, it disappeared. I soon realized it was a what some call a "ticking insect" which is a psychic event that I experienced a few times before many years ago. The sound restarted again a few minutes later and as I got off the bed to see if I could find the source of the sound it went faint and stopped as I went through the bedroom door. After that second event it stopped altogether and I did not hear it for the rest of the night.

I then went to bed. At about 1am I suddenly awoke with a cold shiver and threw the blankets back over me.

As I awoke I said to myself in a half mumbling voice "the devil is in here".

Satan was giving me a visit. This is not the first one either.

Then I went back to sleep only to have a little latter on a disturbing dream which was from a presence in the room which I sensed had a message.

I was too tired to deal with it, so I went back to sleep.

At about 4am I re-awoke to the faint whispers of some one talking near my head, but it was unintelligible as to what they were saying. I then got as I was listening to the voices a mental vision of a small blond-haired cute little boy standing outside, at an old house front gate (made of wire mesh). The house had a hedge along the fence line near the gate. Nothing special about the house.

The boy had blue pants with shoulder straps to hold the pants up, with a white shirt on and leather sandals. He was about 6-7 years old.

I immediately recognized that was one of the signs Satan appears in when he comes to visit someone. I was looking for the boys eyes to see what colour they were; - expecting them to be blue, but I could not see them. I still heard the whispering and thought I would try and investigate the whole nights event.

With that, I got out my divination rods (as I use these to contact spirits) and tuned in to the presence in the room, partly to see who it was, what they wanted and also to confirm the answers with my familiar spirit.

I was told the first presence was WU (said as 'Woo') the Dragon who had a message for me and the latter was SATANIAL who holds the office of Satan.

Both had much the same message, which was related to my personal well being and fortune for this year. As to whether it comes true remains to be seen; but if so, it will be a great event for me personally.

When I got up I did a Google search on when the Chinese new year started; only to find - shock-horror - that it was last night, that I had this experience.

The Dragon - WU - is the same dragon which the Chinese worship and happens to be a sign of good luck, validating my supposed predicted fortune, but I can't see quite where the devil comes into the picture; other than he told me that the fortune was a gift; - and as I know he is the ruler of the world, he can give and take away as he pleases.

I would be most interested in anything else that others detect or get told with this experience - positive or negative. - Thankyou.

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