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Real Airbending?


I am Chris, 17 years old right now. This is really hard story for me to tell, because for many years I didn't understand what actualy happened. But now, that I'm 17 I realized that it could be something with real air bending. When I was 11, once I woke up and what happened followed my mind for many years, I was literaly floating like 70centimeters over my bed for like 4 seconds, I know that none of you believe in this but it is true! I don't understand how could I not care about such thing for 6 years, maybe it is because it's just too unbelievable. For 2 years I thought it was a dream, but then when I told my sister (1 year older) and she told me that the same thing happened to her, when she was 11. Floating almost to the roof, we could see the air that looked kind of like a bent light just a few inches underneath us, we never told about this to each other before. Then we got scared from the shock of this experience and just fell to the bed, frightened, confused. Every single detail was absolutely the same. We couldn't figure out what actualy happened, and then I realized that the only rational conclusion is airbending. Me and my sister have very similiar and unusual eyes. They are light blue almost grey with wide black trim on the edge. Many wierd things happened to us when we were home alone, doors opening, stuff falling for no reason. Also I do a lot of meditations with my father. Please tell me I am not crazy and if your know more about this, I mean really more not stuff you just looked up on google, I need real help, best from someone who can do element bending, I know you people are out there. Thanks

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Sage248 (2 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-07)
Hey,uhh my name is sophia and when I was 5years old something similar happened to me I thought it was just a dream but I honestly don't know. If you have any questions, ask.

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