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Am I Having Psychic Visions?


For the past three or four years I have had a few psychic visions. During a random point in the day, I would get a picture or most of the time it would be a small clip of something, like something moving on stairs or someone wearing a jacket. I would never know what this meant or why it would always stick in my head. I have an awful memory but for some reason these visions would always be in my head until they came true. I have had two in the past four years. I would like it to happen more often, I'm curious of what it would be but I also want to know what it is and why it's happening.

One was when I was in 6th grade, I think. It was of stairs and a cross-eyed Siamese cat walking down them, looking at me. The following year, this actually happened. I went to someones house and they had the exact stairs with the same cat who was looking at me. It happened again one year later. I was in class and I had a vision of people standing in a circle during winter, wearing green, black, pink, and white winter jackets. The next year, it came true. I was meeting up with some old friends and the exact jackets and the exact position was then as it was in my vision. It has not happened since I realized what they were. I was wondering if anyone knew what's going on or how to make them happen more often? I find it so interesting. I am a 14, almost 15, year old girl who comes from a family who has all had paranormal experiences before and this seems strange, especially at this age. I have not told anyone about this because everyone will think its strange or they will think I am making it up. Any thoughts?

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Gabbie (55 posts)
5 years ago (2016-02-09)
I see you are experiencing some strange phenomena. Have you had any other kind of paranormal happenings apart from the visions?
All people, are born with gifts, bestowed upon them by God, it's just some realize them and some don't. Now that you have acknowledged your gift, how would you like to use it?

About making them happen more, I believe you should start training your mind more.Meditation, grounding yourself, praying, are all good ways of self exploration and strengthening the soul, as those are important factors and depend on each other.
Seeing events, or whatever else spiritual one might want to get involved with, aren't just that. For one to reach a higher level of capacities and performance, they must first acquire a higher understanding, both of themselves and of what part of their mind they have developed, why and how they developed it and also for what reason. Unless you have a full understanding nothing will be deep enough or complete. If you need further help and guidance, just let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions or offer you more of the knowledge I have gained through my experiences:)
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
5 years ago (2016-02-09)
lilmissoptimism, it seems as though you do have some psychic abilities when you say that you can see things before they happen. If you want help with your abilities or just someone to talk to you can e-mail me: rainashea16 [at]

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