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My Multiple Psychic Experiences


At age 8, I had just laid down in my bed and looked to the left and saw a little girl in a white gown glowing. This was my first experience and I closed my eyes, made a cross with my fingers and started praying. I opened my eyes and she was gone. After that experience, I started hearing voices but nobody was there. This still occurs. Since then I have seen ghosts, spirits, passed relatives, other people's past relatives and if I drive past a home or building where anyone's passed I can see them. I walk through cold spots during the summer and soon find out at that moment one of my relatives passed. I lost a daughter I was pregnant with and she use to visit me. Now she visits her sister. For years there was what I called the shadow man that kind of looked like Lincoln with a puppy. My children also saw him. We called him our protector. When my oldest daughter moved out I stopped seeing him. I told her about that. She said momma he's here at my house. Then I knew he was there for her. I can see everyone's guardian angels. I have done readings for people I don't know. They are shocked because I should not know the things I tell them. I've seen my two previous lives. I know when someone close is going to die. That's the part of my abilities I hate. When the news had the case of the missing Bobo girl. I told my husband they are wrong about who took her and where she is. Three years later I looked at the news and it was the 2 men I described to my husband and they found her where I said I saw her. I have had several of those cases happen. My mother in law kept going to the doctor and hospital with half her blood gone but they couldn't figure out where it was going or what was wrong with her. I had a vision of a tumor on her bladder. I begged her to go to my Urologist and he found a tumor. She had class 2 bladder cancer. It saved her life. Her doctors couldn't even figure it out. There are many more things I've experienced but I'd have to write a book. I felt so alone as a child because I was different and had nobody to talk to that would not think I was crazy. Thankfully I know how to shut off my abilities when need be so I don't get overwhelmed. I find it a blessing most of the time to have my abilities.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-15)
Hi Christylee71,

Thanks for sharing your story. My psychic life started about the same age as yours. I think the difference from you and me is that I never heard (or hear) voices other than at times when I ask for messages. For so many years it has helped me having this psychic gift. So I would have agree that it's a blessing to have this gift.


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