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Oversighted By The Illuminanti


Ever since I was a toddler I have been under the jurisdiction of the Illuminanti.

Not the hidden human Government spoken of in conspiracies, but the Sirian Intelligence group, known in some Occult groups as the 'Secret Chiefs'. These beings are called ARCHONS or Extraterrestrials.

They have been in my life since I was a child of about 2y.o. The reason I get told is because of - an alien abduction they carried out some 5-6 generations back on my mother's side of the family. They are watching each successive generation to see what the genetic response is to their abduction experiment. This has effected my life tremendously in numerous subtle ways.

No-one has ever told me of this, other than they themselves in communications I get on divining rods or on the Ouija Board.

The story is long and complex; because it involves being raised in a religious cult like the Jehovah's Witnesses (J.W's) in lieu of my Father's loose family links with the Free Masons.

Basically at his wedding in 1958 he was asked to join the Free Masons. He refused, but about 4 years later in 1961 he got involved with the J.W's, through and old school footy mate. The J.W's happen to have a background line with 1/. The Masons and 2/. The Illuminati.

It was the Illuminanti that got me out of the J.W's in 1988 through some peculiar circumstances; which is another subject for discussion.

I was told by a psychic years ago that I was surrounded by a group dressed in black robes with bald heads and they hover over the ground rather than walk. They have satanic looking features - large bald heads, high black collars on their black robes and long spindly arms and fingers. They are into mind control, genetics and brain mapping.

I would be interested in knowing more about this, as to what others have experienced with the Illuminanti being around their life, or what others pick up from this experience.

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Kimbal (3 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-10)
Thanks for your feedback Anne. I can relate to your comments; as I have had some UFO contact of my own, besides the above experience. I have also had some near-death experiences where I could have easily been killed but some freak "act of God" saved me at the last minute. So someone is keeping me alive. 18 months ago I recently had open heart surgery which took about 4 hours and I felt I might have a special spiritual event happen during the operation, as that would be the best time;- but alas, nothing. I don't recall anything after the anaesthetic! Such an experience gave me a very different view of death in that I was clinically dead for quite some time - which is normal in this type of heart operation; - but as I said - nothing happened. Despite this "good luck" helping me, I've been living in general a very unhappy life of illness, divorce, family death, unemployment and even homelessness. Some of this might be astrological and other aspects genetic.

During my younger years I was under the influence of mind control cults and abuse outside of my control. Such life hardship which came After leaving the cults was assumed to be linked to a possible generational Masonic family curse on the eldest child (which I am), which others have mentioned does exist but is rare - but I have no proof of such other than circumstantial evidence only.

I sort of see this hardship as having some purpose, but as more and more normal people are experiencing similar situations, I now think is just my destiny.
I say "destiny" because in the last 10-15 years I strongly question whether free will really exists, since I have little control over what happens around my life.

If one has ET influence in their life, then you have almost no say in what happens - as they just override all your natural desires and instincts, to suite their own agenda. You become their property. Most normal people who are not spiritually aware have little idea what I am talking about. [ Explaining this would be quite lengthy and really diverting off the topic.]
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2016-02-09)
I wouldn't be surprised if their interest was more than from the results of an alien abduction. I would be inclined to believe that there was some genetic/dna modifications made. I personally have had decades of contact with ETs (some in 'dreams', some in the etheric and some during astral travel). Much of what I experience has to do with dna modifications. I can't speak to anything related to the Illuminati but I wouldn't be surprised to find a correlation. The effects are not always blatant but I do feel the following: I've time and time again been protected in perilous situations, I'm never sick, I have had enough paranormal experiences to author this web page,, and several others. I traverse the astral, remote view and have breached time both forwards and backwards. Are these related to the ET experiences? It's hard to know for sure.
Thanks for sharing your interesting experience.

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