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The Black Cloud


For the last (20) years or so I have awaken from sleep (4) to (5) times nightly. I have seen Doctors to try and get help but to no avail. For the last few years I have not worked. About (3) years ago after taking NSAIDs and asperin for many years for rheumatoid arthritis I experienced severe stomach problems and missed most of a year from work. While getting a cat-scan (2) aortic aneurysms were found so I had to retire from my job. I also started sleeping with my head and back lifted. This has improved my sleeping somewhat but I still wake (2) and sometimes as many as (4) times each night. About (18) months to (2) years ago while sleeping in a lounge chair I began to see a black cloud, oval or semi-rectangular shaped about (3) to (4) feet across. This cloud was across the room about (10) to (12) feet away and (6) to (7) feet high. It would be there just as I awoke and disappear within a second or two. It wasn't there every time I awoke but after about (6) months appeared more and more frequently. As time passed it also started to appear closer to me each time until (6) months or so ago it was just a few feet in front of me.

Several months ago I awoke after approximately (1) to (2) hours of sleep and over my head and all around my head was a cloud of what looked like cigarette smoke. This was so real I thought I was burning and I tried to wave away the smoke, jumped up and started looking for what was burning. The cloud didn't move when I waved my hand through it but quickly disappeared as I sat up. After that night I became frightened. This thing was now right over top of my face, maybe a foot away. I began to pray for God to protect me from this. I didn't know what this was but I was afraid it may have been evil. I also thought this could have been death coming for me and if I didn't wake up it would enter me and it would be my time to go. I didn't know what it was then and still don't know. Last night I fell asleep without praying first, I had not seen this for a few weeks and had become too comfortable. After sleeping for a little over an hour, (I have been watching the clock for years to see just how long I actually do sleep before I wake) I woke to see this black ball about the size of basketball with flickering luminous particles in it a few inches above my face. When I woke and saw it, it very quickly shot across the room, floated there for a second an a half maybe and then disappeared. I am positive this is real I am not imagining this, I am not still asleep. This thing is getting closer and closer each time and it now appears to have condensed into a smaller more compact object. I believe prayer does help but I also wonder what will happen when I don't wake up and it comes again.

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oneonone (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-07)
Hey this is referring to +Ravencate if you read my story "white cloud smoke" its kind of similar to you cloud vision, I still don't know whether they were of good intentions are not but check my story out and tell what you think thanx
Avi (16 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-17)
Gabbie is right on with this. These energies are most definitely evil and are 'life-sourcing' off of you. The first thing to do is feel no fear... Even when the energy is right up in your face. If you are unable to get a grasp of your emotions, calling out to God and Jesus to remove this evil helps, too. The biggest task will be figuring out what's drawing/inviting these energies in. I have a whole blog dedicated to understanding deep reality. In our society, fear often comes with the 'unknown.' Let's cut this factor out and give you a means to protect yourself...

Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-15)
Hi karlr1,

I truly believe that with proper spiritual cleansing of your living space, plus a proper personal Divine protection around you before going to sleep will solve your ongoing problem that you wrote about. I believe it because it has never failed me and have experienced dark clouds, shadow people, ghosts etc.


PS. Just let me know if I can help.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-15)
I am a atheist that is interested in the supernatural. Just on January 18, 2016 we were going to church but smelled incense by the railroad tracks my dad says it is supernatural. It was very weird but I'm still not a believer though.
americanmade (1 stories) (8 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-14)
Wow what a story I hate it for you... I have had a time in my life I saw a lot of Shadows move about and it frightened me... I was in such a deep depression and thought I was losing my ever loving mind... I know now that was not the case... Here recently I have been under a ball of anxiety... Horrible can't sleep waking up all the time miserable. I recently did a practice that gabbie just told you to do... Not exact but simular and I woke up with what felt like a weight lifted off of me... Some times you just need to find a friend as weird as we are individually and just talk about it... You would be suprised how many people have simular expierences and just opening up about it helps... Like gabbie said those bad feeling you have something out there feeds off that and getting it out my give you enough room to let the light shine in... I pray you have a few good night's sleep that alone will help a lot...
RavenCate (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-14)
I have been seeing white and dark smoke for some time. I pray and command that if these entities be of evil intent to depart. But they persist. They have manifested in different ways. I usually see them soon after falling asleep. I am not in the dream state yet... Just in a quiet, calm state. Not deeply asleep and for some reason, I just open my eyes and see them. Sometimes the mist is more like heavy smoke and I think my bed is on fire. They hover over me... Once I saw three small puffs of smoke, all hovering together in a row. After the initial screaming sessions, I just wake up now and say to myself, "Oh, there you are again." They seem to be observing me... And then suddenly disappear. Once after driving for 45 minutes in heavy fog, I went to sleep to find the room filled with mist and when I opened my eyes, an orb with a cluster of tiny twinkles... It seem to me that it was there to comfort me. No ill intent... Just comforting me. It was awesome but the vision disappeared before I could tell my son to wake up (we were in a motel room). My son has seen mist/smoke hovering in the middle of our living room and placed his hand through it. It would appear these phenomena are visitors... Why they come to observe? I don't know. What is there message? I don't know. I ask them to speak there intentions, but I get no message. This has been going on for almost three years now... I am getting use to them. In fact, I wonder where they are when they DON'T show themselves to me. LOL Someone asked me if the land around mine is haunted by the trauma of the Civil War -- no. They hover over my cats who are sleeping beside me on the bed. The animals are not detecting them. Thought for awhile that maybe I was having an issue with my brain -- a tumor or something. But that is not the case. They ARE real... Not my imagination. Maybe they are trying to wake me up and place me on a higher plane of spirituality. I hope someday they will communicate with me but until then, I am not fearful or surprised anymore. They are somehow a part of me... Not evil, though the darker ones seem to be more aggressive (move towards my face) and the white ones are gentle and stay a more respectful distance. If someone has an answer, please let me know.
karlr1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-14)
I have found that prayer and I mean furvent prayer really helps. So far as long as I pray before I sleep it has kept this thing away. I don't know if this thing is evil but considering it not could be a serious mistake. That is a chance I would rather not take and just want to keep it away from me.
If I have another encounter I will certainly try your advice. Of course it has only been a few days since Iv'e seen this thing and as I said I only see it occasionally. When I first began to see this entity it kept at a distance but as time passed it came more and more closer.
Still, this thing has only come late at night after about (1AM) and though in the beginning came several times a night only has come once and a few times twice for the last few months.
I will have to wait, pray and see. Thanks again for your advice and I truly hope I never have to discuss this particular problem again.
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-13)
Wow, must be really scary and nerve-wracking to experience this at nights for such long time. I have had experiences like this, and I know how hard it is both on the body and in the mind. Praying to God was the first thing I did, back then, when I still didn't know much about spirituality. As time went by I learnt more about protecting from energies like the one you encounter.

First of, i'd like to explain what that thing is. Our world is made of energy, good and bad, and it influences us in ways we don't even realize. A lot of times, entities who consist of the bad, dark energy, try and harm us in different ways. That is what that entity is doing to you, now. Interrupting your sleep, implanting fear in you and other negative thoughts and feelings. I want to ask, do you ever feel drained and heavy?Sick? That could be caused by such a being.

So I would like to suggest some ways you can protect yourself. Prayer is your number one weapon, so keep praying and feeling as closer to God as possible. Apart from prayer, you have to do a few things, yourself, to keep your personal energy cleansed and yourself shielded, so that those energies won't affect you or get close to you anymore, or at least not on the level they do now.

While you pray, pick up the pace a bit. Or make some happy thoughts. Keep doing so, and as you begin feeling that warmth and happiness and overwhelming positive energy inside you, visualize it spreading all over your body, and as it's doing that, command it to cleanse all foreign energies that might be lingering within your physical body and soul. Or you can bring your hands together and visualize your energy being directed into the gap between your palms, forming a light ball. The more energy you put in it, the more solid and long lasting it will be. But make sure you command it to be solid. And then command it to keep your energy cleansed, or to push away unwanted energies etc. That's all for cleansing your energy. (You can make some orbs before you go to bed, with different commands, to keep your room cleansed and to push away the energies that come and mess with you). It is important that you stay cleansed, but make sure not to over exert yourself, especially if you are new to all this energy stuff. If you want to know more, or talk or share more, feel free to contact me, I have my email on my profile:)

Now, for the shield: Follow the same process, but this time visualize your energy forming a bubble around your whole body, and command it to solid and to push away other energies (or whatever other command you like). The more energy you put, the thicker it will be:)

Also, one important factor is the way you think and feel. Dark beings, feed off anything negative within a human soul, so if you feel you are generating their "food" then you better look inside you and make sure you stop doing it. Bad habits, bad thoughts, bad actions and giving in to anger, jealousy, hate etc are things that if they are there, tie that being to you. So cut of the bond by starting anew and with a positive attitude and faith:)

Good luck, and don't hesitate to contact me further if you need help with anything or need more guidance:)

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