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It usually starts with me confessing that I just don't know what's wrong with me this week because I feel so stressed out. Then it gets worse and soon I'm in tears. I begin to recognize that it's not me. The feelings come while I'm awake and they herald a unfortunate occurrence. In the past it was always concerning me but now it's changing. There have been warnings of someone's death or possible death.

The last time I was so upset and tearful I couldn't stand it. Then, I read a news report about two young kids that were missing. This is the first time I received a warning about someone I didn't know and although they lived on the other end of the country I knew this was the occurrence I was worked up about so I started following the story every day. I did tarot readings on each of them and horary charts. It did not look good. After a few weeks I felt a sudden peace. I ran another tarot reading. Oh no these boys are dead. I even understood there feelings about their deaths. One of the boys was very upset and angry while the other boy was peaceful and even happy--which surprised me. The search continued another week or so but they were never found.

I believe that our soul chooses this life, when and where it will start and clearly when it will end. If that is the case what is the point of my feelings? Were they not meant to leave this world or was this a cry for help? It's happened before. My friend died in a suspicious way. I had not connected the dots that time. Another friend was far from home in another country. I was hysterical. I did every kind of Magick protection I knew. He returned looking quite haggard. This is confusing to me and very upsetting; I need to know what is being asked of me and if nothing why is it happening?

Thanks very much for any answers.

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Sisa500 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
WillowStarre, Oh yes--anxiety something awful. I am only beginning to understand that there is a psychic message there when it happens. Even when I get knowledge I think it's something everyone else knows as well until they say, "How did you know that?" Or worse, "you are so weird."

You're ritual sounds beautiful although I don't completely understand. Is this your spirit guide?

I would like to learn, except this for what it is and be grateful to be awake.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your response wishing you peace.
Sisa500 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
Willowstarre, yes anxiety--I rarely know who it is about as well. I don't quite understand the ritual but I always want to do something but I'm usually confused. I wish I knew how to do this--dance with the spirit but you don't sound like it is a peaceful thing for you.
I also get psychic knowledge but I never realize it's psychic and I'm not supposed to know about it. I sort of figure that everyone around me has the same information until they say something like... "What in the world are you talking about" or "How did you know that?" or even worse, "you are so weird." It's like someone's played a bad joke on me.
Sisa500 (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-23)
Masterofelements, thank you your answer. I think I understand a bit more. Also I felt the boy that was happy was an older soul and had a better understanding of what was happening. I really thought I had messed up and was supposed to help them. They were inseparable friends so perhaps the one boy was meant to help the other along. Sometimes it's easy to forget that leaving the body and returning to the collective consciousness is waking up from this dream and entering back into real life.
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-22)
The point of your feelings, is because you are psychic. That peace you were feeling was that the boys returned to the spiritual world where they can no longer be harmed. One boy was happy to be home and safe, while the other didn't want to be back so soon because he had a whole life ahead of him.

Do not stress about strange things happening that you just... Connect with, feel what they feel. It happens with me too, it is just a way with Psychic people. Just pray, and let the feelings happen. Fighting makes it worse, accept the gift and be greatful.
WillowStarre (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-22)
I have very similar experiences, except I have anxiety. It starts out as a tiny niggle of anxiety and as time passes, it grows. When the anxiety is at it's worst, I have a ritual that I do. And I forgot to mention that I very seldom know who it is. I meditate and I dance with the spirit that is so close to death. We meet in a part of the void that is just this side of death. At first we are alone, then others join us. We dance and I take their anxiety as they learn the beauties beyond this life. It is the most beautiful of experiences, yet I still feel cursed.
No. It is not drug induced.
My cifts (not a typo. Curse/gift. There must be balance) led me to the path of spirit taught shaman. I pray yours leads you in a different direction.
Hang on to the fact that what is meant to be will be. You are not alone but every journey is unique. We can fight and go hard or accept and learn.
I would love to speak to you more on this subject. I will keep an eye out for a reply.

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