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The Figure


I have submitted a story before about this one time I was sitting in class and a black figure emerged in front of me. This was the first it has ever happened to me. I was still in university at the time. Now I've graduated, and this figure is constantly appeared before me.

I'm still getting my usual headaches when someone's thoughts are clear to me, or when I know who's walking in the room and such.

Before the figure appears, I get a striking headache and a bit of dizziness and at times a nose bleed but that's at times when he's coming very close to me. The minute I get the headache I know he's coming and I prepare myself so I wouldn't freak out or scream in the middle of the street. I'm saying "he" because I can feel it's a male. He used to come at least once a month and it's gradually increasing. I still can't sense a face or any features, he just shows up and tries to come as close to me as possible but I feel that there's a wall kind of like a cocoon around me maybe protecting me from him? I feel like he wants me to break this wall somehow as if he wants something from me but I'm not sure what is it. Once I tried to summon him using a ouija board but he didn't show up at all. I'm guessing he shows up on his own will.

Maybe he needs my help?

Maybe I'm the only one who can see him and he figured that I could, so he's asking to do something for him.

Why is there a wall protecting me from him?

Has this happened to anyone?

How do I contact him, get to him and understand what he wants?

Is the barrier something that's protecting me or just stopping from telling me what he wants?

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