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Psychedelic Seer Vs. Empath Or Telepath?


so I have had a really weird experience. I think I may be dealing with a telepath or an empath.

I have been doing some reading and it is said that telepaths are rare to come by because they know what's coming before you can even do something, that's why I'm leaning towards an empath, but I am definitely not ruling out any options.

It all started when I was sitting around with some friends watching tv, and this guy who I don't really like at all, and he came up with this weird idea to go do something crazy, I however didn't want to, I had all plans to do nothing but relax with my friends, however my friends agreed to do this, and I did too. But what I'm getting at here is, when he was taking us there, he decided to tell us on the way.

Instantly I was filed with anger cause the place brings back horrible memories, but I didn't mention anything or showed any emotion about it either, but in that second of anger, I visioned in my head the tire blowing up, and seconds later we had a flat tire which I thought was going to stop us from going, but it only delayed the inevitable, he pulled out another TIRE still on the rim. I thought it was a coincidence at first. So I tried to get that angry again but I couldn't reach that level of anger I was in. But when I was trying to get that angry again without showing any emotion, the guy who was taking us to this place just gave me a weird awkward look and he just turned his head and kept driving in the car.

Finally we get to this place, and I start to feel a little upset, and then it started to shower, the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but it started to rain, not alot, but a little sun shower, and it didn't stop until I felt my pain go away.

In the car, I randomly got this major headache, I figured it was me just being tired, and but then I thought I heard laughing, and thought I heard one of my friends talking shiat about me in my head, I thought I was going crazy, but when we got to this restaurant me and this guy were the last ones to go in cause we were outside having a smoke, and when he was finishing up, he said " how was that headache? You're going to be in for a rough trip" I kind of just went into my little world and started to put pieces together about how the whole day went down, and I figured out it was all coming from him, because I did not mention to anyone that I had a headache.

After the day was over, I immediately just started doing research, and I narrowed everything down to an empath or a telepath. Or probably both. It could be a possibly. But I know my power had something to do with this too. I felt pregonitives about the tire and etc. However, if he is one of the 2 I think, should I take what he said to me as a threat that he is going to come after me? Or as a warning that something or someone plans on screwing me over? I'm kind of confused. But I don't know how I feel about this. Or how I would go about how I would defend myself if he turned out to be a foe. I need ideas.

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Simplyme24 (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-06)
Maybe you can help me. My friends call me Nikki. Its nice to meet you. I'm Commenting on everything I experienced. I'm not entirely sure how to work this site but I need answers badly. What I need to ask you since you are wiccan you may know a great deal. I know I'm an empath. I feel others emotions. The stronger the relationship the stronger I feel. Their thoughts. Intentions. What I see happening. If I don't tell its like someone screaming or flashing a light in my head. I can say their thoughts before they do. I feel tired a lot but I'm learning. I go from site to site but its not exactly related to their experiences. Its lonely. They news effects me greatly. So much pain and I can't.take it away. Hospitals scared me now I feel at home. Near the hopeless and sickest. I want to comfort them but can't. I will find a way though. I have dreams. So vivid. People come to me to say hello. Not a normal hello. A long awaited hello. One dream I was surrounded by elderly. Hopeless and sad. I got off a bus and I felt they were my people who waited but I left them promising to return. I still feel them. When I sleep I wake but I can't move. I can barely breathe until I jar myself awake. It happens as soon as I doze after for several times. I saw a man in black.hat.trench coat clothing everything. Others I see what's going on around me. What is it
NovaStayer47 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-08-30)
Hello, this is very intresting. It cought my attention immediately.

I've done a lot of reasearch on these types of subjects because I am a Wiccan. I know a lot information on Empaths and it sounds like your friend might be one. Now, you might want to ask him about this. Ask him if he knows anything about it then ask him if he is one. I wouldn't take it as a threat, simply ask him what he meant about the 'you're in for a rough trip'. If you are good friends with the guy why should you worry? Empaths aren't bad people. Don't overthink anything. He also might just be sensing your headache not nessaciarily from being an empath but from being sensitive. Like I said just ask.

It also sounds like you have psychic powers too. What with the tire and the sun shower etc. You might want to look into those.

I hoped I helped!
-Nova ❤

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