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You helped me before with a dark entity, by pointing me in the direction in which to take to fix the problem. I have a new strange occurrence in which I think this is the perfect place to go for answers.

I am using a standard protection shield from negative energies on a regular basis. For a long time I was attack mentally and taught myself how to create a bubble to prevent most of it.

The other day I was being targeted by a particularly nasty psychic attack and my bubble was FAR to weak to handle it. I asked for divine assistance and within 5 minutes I could feel my arms wrapped in psychic gauntlets. They were incredibly strong and I actually felt myself being weighed down by them physically. I had been wrapped in a full suit of armor, I could almost see it and just knew it was there. I was almost giddy with this new sense of enpowerment and security washing over me.

Ever since that day I have been able to call that same armor back of my own accord without asking for help and am curious as to why they feel so heavy. It is like I am wearing 5 pound wrist weights. Is it a lack of ability, am I just feeling the weight so I know they are there, or have I stumbled onto something I should leave alone? I have grown used to them, and no longer get giddy. I also only call on the armor when I feel it is necessary. Is there any special name for the ability? Please give me guidance on the matter. I would rather not disrupt the balance of my mind if it is a bad thing to use the armor.

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Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-07)
When two forces clash the greater force wins. The law of physics still applies. If you can put up an energy barrier stronger than an energy attack it deflects or absorbs the attacks.

It feels heavy because it depends on type of energy you are using and how strong it is. It is not upsetting the nature's balance. People do not realize anyone can learn to do this. Pushing, pulling, and moving your energy or the energy you are given can be used with the right conditions.

You can call the armor whatever you want. What you are doing is controlling, directing, and using your energy to your will. People can lower the heat of their body or increase. Others can extend their energy to another and do an energy healing.

Need more info just email noriko11111 [at]


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