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Spirits, Castles, Armor, And Living Dirt


I've noticed something: about this time every year, it seems like the spirits I can see out of the corner of my eye get closer to me. I know this is the time of year where spirits and everything are more active but it seems like they're getting LITERALLY closer to me. Not like last year or the year before, but could it have something to do with me?

I still have no idea what "Silver and Shadow, Guardian and Phoenix" means... It sounds like some sort of prophecy but whatever it is I can't find it anywhere. Or what if it was part of some sort of charm? My friend DID say a spirit (I call it captain annoyance since it touches my shoulder at the most random times. Not harmful.) was pinned to me... And come to mention it there's a mark like a tiny tiny tiny TINY footprint on my left ankle, and its been there since I can remember...

Ha. De ja vu moment while writing this. Figures.

Also, any advice about recurring dreams would be awesome. I keep dreaming i'm in different places but all in some sort of kingdom. In one, there was a bunch of plant people all gathered to listen to me so I put my hands in the dirt after I sat down and the dirt...breathed. Around my hands. I keep dreaming i'm in a village or small town. I also dream that i'm in some sort of silver armor...modest, thank god. It's bad enough some video games have those skimpy outfits.

And in some I am in either my house or a random house that appears to be one of my friends' and a bunch of shadows (Or in the one from the other night, one orange-ish misty one. This one worries me since the one that tried to kill me was orange-juice colored.) try to "Attack" (They usually just float around us...) me. I'm not sure what to do since i'm never in a lucid dream. If there's any similarities please let me know.



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