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Strong Psychic Abilities - Indigo Child


I have very strong psychic abilities. One of the first abilities I remember having was when I was pretty young. I could see spirits so vividly and communicate with them easily. I do this either telepathically or I can hear them speaking (whispering, like many people do). I have always loved this ability. It's been really cool to meet so many different spirits and get the chance to help them out or just talk to them. Sometimes they'll send me images so I get a better understanding of what they want to tell me or someone else.

Along with that, my clairvoyance is pretty strong as well. I do get psychic visions that almost always come true. I get these by seeing images and symbols in my mind of things that relate to the event. For example, about two years ago I predicted that two people were going to get shot and killed (locally). I saw blood, where it took place (in the victims home), and a gun. All I knew was that it would happen soon. A few days later the shooting happened. The home was in the article... There were a few other smaller symbols that were also mentioned in the article I read. I felt really bad afterwards - I had thought it was some bizarre dream or something, not something that would actually happen even though I could feel it. Even if I had known it was a vision, I didn't get the address, date, or any names so I wouldn't have been any help. I've had a few other strong ones like that throughout my life as well as some subtle ones. I've done a few tarot card readings on friends and family members who believe that psychic abilities are real. I do get a few symbols while doing this that also come true. Of course these images can be symbolic and not literal so I try to look at them both ways. I go with my gut... Its almost always right after all. 

My intuition is extremely good. My mom also has good intuition. I know many years ago she was at her ex husbands brothers grocery store and she told him they had to leave - she knew something bad was about to happen. They left and not five minutes later, people were shot and killed. There was an incident about five years ago with me and my younger sister in the car - we were parked next to an older lady but my mom said that something horrible was going to happen so she parked as far away from her as she could. About two minutes later there were shots fired. She gets this with smaller things as well. I have intuition like this too. It can be about something that isn't a dangerous situation.

My empath abilities have gotten even stronger over the years. It gets so overwhelming in crowded places - I usually can't even handle it! I avoid places like this like the plague lol. It's a cool ability no doubt, but it can be hard at times. People that have these bad energies just drain me. Stressful things drain me too. I read through someone's lies a little too easily. Their aura and energy is also easily read. 

I can see auras. For years it was just the white but it has developed to being able to see the color of the physical layer. Any advice for how to make these even more vivd? With some practice it has gotten better, but I was wondering what other things I could do for it. 

It's weird, I've been able to move smaller objects. And by that I mean a pencil, for example. I remember doing it once in class when I was seven or eight. I don't practice this much but really should. I've read some tips for ways to improve this ability but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions?

I've gotten very, very close to astral projection. I'm still trying to practice it - I know that I can do it. Any tips for this? My grandma has actually been able to but it was more of a natural thing. Like I said, I know that I have the ability and am getting closer. I got my hand out for a second the other day but wasn't able to pull my entire body out. Too bad...I'm really excited for when it does happen. I mean, it's fear of the unknown so I'm a little nervous but not the the point where it would snap my body back in. I've read some of the experiences on here and other websites but was wondering if you'd like to share if you've been able to do it, as well as any advice. 

I don't even think I've mentioned how vivid my meditations are yet. I have plenty of out of body experiences. When I'm doing a visual meditation I can actually feel myself there. If it was one at the ocean, for example, I would be able to actually feel myself walking on sand, my hair whipping behind me, the water lapping over my ankles. It's like I'm really there. I go to many different places when I meditate but thought that was an easy way of explaining it. I practice other forms of meditation too and can get in the state quite easily. 

I recently started biofeedback for my chronic illnesses (I have a lot unfortunately). It's part of the pain clinic I'm doing. The person doing it is a well known psychologist where I live that has been doing it for 30+ years. She's never seen anything like it before. I just meditate while doing it, so I didn't think it was that big of a deal. The first time I went it was heart coherence. She was shocked - she'd never seen someone do so good the first time!  The second time was body temperature. It was pretty cold to start out with. Within twenty minutes, I had raised my body temperature 24 degrees through a visual meditation (I was sitting by a fireplace, because I knew I would be able to feel the heat coming off of it). She said that this has literally never been done before. She's had thousands of her patients do biofeedback, and apparently this just was astounding. Third time I did a muscle relaxation. Again, she was shocked when she did the statistics. It went from an average of 48% to 16% within twenty minutes. All I did was meditate but in more of a healing manner. She said you can't get it much lower without being dead. The last time I went we were doing a stress condition (I have non epileptic seizures that are often triggerd by stress) where you have to power the car with your mind (as in the more relaxed you are) and your heart coherence   (it was a racing game) but you also had a cognitive challenge - you had to physically steer the car. I thought I was doing horrible since I'd occasionally go off track but she said that again, she's never seen it. She told me that professionals can't even do that! She asked how I managed to do it. I was focusing on the map on screen, meditating on it. I can multitask while meditating and am actually quite good at this. Apparently most people that do meditate and have been for years don't have this ability. She said she told her coworkers about me only for them to be in awe - they couldn't believe it! I thought that it was really cool but I know my abilities have something to do with this. 

Here's the thing: I've been told that I'm an indigo child quite a few times, often by people who have not only met a few but have learned about them. These were always people with strong psychic abilities. I just started healing touch for my fibromyalgia and she told me that as soon as she saw my eyes, she knew I was one. I told her about some of my abilities very briefly. I've heard this a few times the past few years and thought I was one from the start. I keep getting it. I do believe that I am one. It would certainly explain a lot. I have all the signs. I also have a very strong indigo aura - I've seen it, others have too. I have a very fiery spirit - if something is not right, and they are mistreating me or someone else, I will stick up for myself and my beliefs and not back down. I'm never mean or anything... Just persistent. As far as age, I'll be turning 17 in February. I've been told I could easily be a healer.

If you made it to the end of this insanely long post I congratulate you lol. I really would like some advice on how to make my abilities even stronger. Any advice in general would be great. I know there are a lot of really great psychics on here, so I'd really appreciate anything you'd like to tell me. Thank you!

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lillianabra (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-08)
I am so impressed with your gifts! I too have been trying to astral project and honestly, the best thing to do is just practice. It sounds like you are fully capable through your description of your meditations! Anyway, try practicing whenever you get the chance- even during the day. Find a comfortable position sometime during the day such as in the car (please not while driving) or whenever you have down time and just fully relax your body. I have come closest to astral projecting when imagining a rope or a ladder extended in front of me. You are a very gifted individual and should embrace all that you have to offer to the world. Best of luck. 😊
west (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
You have many gifts.
Your out of body experiences through meditation IS called Astral Projection. So, you are already doing it!
There are many books to help you develop your gifts.
I have had success with books by "Sonia Choquette".
You can find her books & many others on

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