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Electricity And Me


over 10 years ago I was in my twenties and out on my own for the first time. I lived alone and honestly, I was scared of the dark and frightened to be alone. This is probably because I lived across the street from a cemetery where my Dad and his parents are buried. They had all died a very long time before this and I honestly wasn't bothered by it.

I would sleep on the couch with the TV on every night because it was the only place I felt safe what with being alone. Every morning I would pull the chain on the ceiling fan to turn on 4 light bulbs. One morning I did this and the lights turned on like usual. I walk about 12 feet away and they all turn off. I am afraid and freaking out! So I walk back to the lights to investigate. My hand is literally inches from the pull chain and they all pop back on all at once like nothing happened. So I forgot about it and a while went by and something with the lights happened again. I was watching TV beneath the ceiling fan and the lights dim, all four of them, but they don't go out completely. Instead, they are glowing an amber orange and this lasts for about 10 seconds. Then they all pop back to normal again. I had the house checked by an electrician to make sure the house wouldn't burn down and I was given a good report. He could find no cause. Another incident with lights occurred in the dining room. The hanging fixture itself had become very hot at some point and melted. I had my brother replace it with a beautiful Tiffany-style fixture. It worked just fine for a while but then wouldn't turn on anymore. So I thought there was an electrical issue. This time I put the switch in the off position and decided not to use it anymore. One night, I awoke and could see a light on somewhere in the house. Knowing I hadn't left anything on, I got up to check. It was the dining room light. The switch was in the on position and it was working! My boyfriend stayed at my house that night but said he hasn't turned it on and besides he knew it was broken. By the way, I lived there another 3 months after that and it never worked again.

Besides the lights, the TV's in that house (2 of them) would turn off while I was watching them and it was usually during the middle of a good movie or something I was interested in. This just annoyed me more than anything.

When I got married, I was excited to be moving (2 whole miles away) hoping this would all stop. For the most part, it did. The TV (not mine) has only turned off once in 3 years. No occurrences with lights have happened. BUT something HAS happened.

Last week I woke up at 1 am sharp. I couldn't sleep. I was thirsty and had to use the bathroom. I got up, let the dog out, got something to drink, let the dog in, used the facilities and got back into bed. I was restless so I got on my tablet to browse the internet. I turned it off laid in the darkness, eyes open. So the view at this point is looking into my master bathroom. I keep the double doors open to keep us from running into them during the night on the way to the bathroom.

All the sudden, 3 bright white lights flash across the bathroom very quickly and consecutively. These flashes of light went from left to right. There was no traffic and nobody outside because 1. I just let my dog in and she barks at anything and everything! 2. This was not a flashlight. It was as bright and quick as a camera flash by the length it traveled was much longer. It freaked me out. I didn't go back to sleep and I didn't sleep the next day. Maybe all this is nothing, maybe it is. I do not know.

I do have one other thing that happens every now and then but maybe I should post separately? To be very brief, sometimes I think of a word, sometimes it's weird and will hear it later that same day. Last word was Tolstoy. I didn't know that's the name of a famous author at the time. But it was in my head and I said out loud all morning. Then I hit the couch with some Netflix and in the first 5 minutes of the random movie I selected, someone is holding a book and he turns it over to reveal the title: Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. Go figure!

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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