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Unusual Happenings With Electricity


It's been a long time. I'm not going to go through a whole bunch of details; my life has changed a lot and it probably won't interest you.

Not long after I posted my last story, I decided to hold back my own gifts and such and try to live a mostly-normal life. Some scary things went down and I just needed a break, needed to be reminded of who I am beyond that stuff. And for a while, it worked.

But then strange things started happening, as they do from time to time. I would close a door and a light nearby would turn on. When I got upset, something electrical, like a light or TV or something, would flicker or go out entirely. Our power goes out about twice a week. And I keep getting this unmistakable feeling that something or someone is watching me.

One day at work, my fellow employee and I heard a crash downstairs, like someone had fallen and knocked something over. She insisted I go down there and see what happened. I did, but everything was in its place, and I got a weird feeling so I went back up the stairs. She said that I had to go in the other room and really check, so I took a breath and went inside. There was no one in there, but as soon as I went in the fans that were on switched off.

I told my employee this, along with a couple of other things that had happened over the years, like all the fans in my friend's house turning on when I walked in or lights going on and off or anything she owned that was motion-sensitive going crazy. I also brought up a few things from recently that I mentioned above. She said something along the lines of "You have an unusual gift... You should use that to your advantage. Practice." I was stunned, because she never talks about that stuff, and I usually don't unload on people like that. I didn't have time to ask what she meant, and it's been bothering me ever since.

Does anyone else feel like this? If so, what are your experiences with it?

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Narcro (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
Hello mytawolfchild I was very interested in your stories and even though you probably forgot this site I'm new so... I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with hydrokinesis considering you seem to know a bit about it. You can obviously ignore this question but I would at least like a chance the best thing I've done so far is make the water ripple or swirl just a bit. Thanks for reading: Narcro
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-21)
Your welcome. I'm glad I was able to help. I too get shocked and shock others as well. I also use a pendulum for different reasons. I use my hands to manipulate the energy. You have a strong connection to water because what you do with the ice.
MytaWolfChild (7 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-20)
Thank you for reading! It's interesting to learn that someone else had a similar experience. I think mine only works when it wants to though, because I've tried doing what you said but it doesn't work as effectively as my power over ice does. But today I found a crystal that you use for dousing, and the minute I touched it it vibrated like a phone in my hand. I've also been known to statically shock people or myself often, I forgot to mention that in my story.
And you're right, I shouldn't mention that at work. Thank you for your advice:)
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-20)
What you have is a magnetic aura. Your magnetic energy interferes with other magnetic appliances. When she said practice she meant for you to get familiar with it. Ex. One day my brothers stereo was making static sounds as if it wasn't tuning into the station. I went over and put my hand back and forth over the stereo until the station was coming out a clear signal. Just wave your hand over a appliance and see what happens. Oh, I know that she understood but it is not a good idea to openly talk about your experiences at work. After work is fine. Why? Noones going to tell you to your face that these things are odd. And, most people start to separate themselves from you after hearing those things. Atleast that's what happened to me. It's only advice. I mean no harm to anyone.

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