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Since the age of about 13, I have noticed that I have an ability to 'feel' people. Whether or not it's their auras I am uncertain. One thing that I do know is that I can feel strong emotions even if the person is attempting to hide them.

I guess I should first start by explaining a bit before going into specific situation. Certain people I can notice from a fair distance almost as if I could hear them or see them but it is just a feeling. Some people bump into others when walking around a corner but I won't because I'll stop knowing there's someone there. One thing that I can add to this is that manikins freak me out sometimes. I remember that there was this one store that my father would bring me to every week and they had a manikin around a corner that would scare me every time because it was built to scale to an average sized human being and because it isn't a living being I do not sense it so to see it around the corner it would surprise me. Even though every time I knew it was there because this was a store that we went to often, it would get me every time.

One thing that I can say is that certain people I can notice more than others. Some give me an uneasy feeling as though there's something bothering them or maybe they're dealing with some internal conflicts. These people, it's almost like a finger print. The feeling I get is unique to them just like their voice. I have also noticed that as years would pass, I would get so accustomed to them that I would no longer really notice consciously, but sometimes I would just randomly start talking about them and they would show up within seconds of finishing my sentence.

Some of the negative reactions to this that I have developed is that I am now slightly agoraphobic. I do not like large crowds because there are too many people and I feel like I'm being bombarded. Sometimes it leads to anxiety attacks. If I go to the movies, or if I'm sitting in a classroom, I absolutely need to sit on an edge of a row. Do not get this confused with claustrophobia, I have absolutely no problem with small spaces. In fact, I quite enjoy the comfort of a small space.

I have had also visual connections with people as well as connections through dreams. I was once waiting for someone to pick me up from the hospital one day because I had to go get some tests done. While waiting, I was looking down by the entrance to the emergency room and I could swear that I saw someone I knew having a cigarette -- but I knew they weren't there. It was like a feeling that they could be there and that feeling just lingered. About 5 to 10 minutes later, this person walks in from the other side of the building. Neither of us knew that we were going to be there. Most people would say that it's coincidence, but it can't be. Three hospitals are located in the city that I'm in. The population is about 300,000. This person was also a coworker and not someone that I spend time with outside of work.

In terms of dreams, I have had a few different experiences. The first big one would have been back when I was in high school. I had a dream involving a gym teacher where he was in his office sitting on the floor leaning against the wall crying. I remember clearly feeling his pain. I believe that the reason why I saw him in his office was because that's where I'm used to seeing him. However, the thing that marked me the most was the pain. I woke up in tears still feeling it and this was around 4am on a Monday morning. Around 9am that same morning, during the morning announcements, the principle stated that his father died. One thing that I must mention about this gym teacher that I find really interesting is that unlike most people that I can sense, I get NOTHING from him. Maybe he's on a different wave length, I'm not sure. But this must be the ONLY person that I would literally run into walking around a corner on a regular basis. Or maybe we share a similar ability and this is why I cannot sense him and because of his emotional distress I felt him so strongly through a dream?

Another similar situation but that happened during a longer period of time, I had a reoccurring dream involving my brother. Now to clarify, he is not really my brother, we do not share any common parents. He was just someone who was always there for me and I have adopted him as my older brother. A few years ago around the month of February I dreamed that I was at a funeral home and someone close to him had passed, however I knew that it wasn't his wife or kids. I remembered clearly that he was surprised that I was there but I told him that I was there for him. I would have this dream on and off up until late August. The last time I experienced it, I found out the next day that his father had passed. He apparently was suffering from an illness and my brother found out around February. He had never told me. He never really spoke of his father, only his mother. I didn't even know that his father was even still alive at the time because he would never mention him.

Recently, I woke up thinking of an ex partner of mine knowing that I apparently dreamed of him. We have not spoken in over 2 years, no contact of any type. I hadn't even thought of him in the last year or so. It was a rough separation. A couple of hours after waking up from that dream, my mother calls me telling me that the police are looking for me and it involved him. After speaking to the police I find out that they were investigating him for something and just wanted more information about him.

I have also noticed spirits but whether or not it's relating to this same ability or if it's something separate I am uncertain. I will also add that I am a chronic insomniac. During my periods of insomnia, I will have little to no sleep for 3 to 6 weeks at a time. I either cannot fall asleep, or cannot stay asleep. During these times I have noticed that I am overall more sensitive to people and I have stronger connections through dreams whenever I can sleep for those short amounts of time.

Sometimes I find it all overwhelming. I have on occasion smoked marijuana and it stops it altogether. It is nice to have a break on occasion. The problem sometimes lies when I stop smoking and then go through a period of insomnia at the same time. It sometimes feels like too much to handle, as if it's a shock to my system and I'm more susceptible to anxiety attacks when this happens.

One thing I do know, my experiences -- especially since it really started during my teens -- has made me grow up faster than most. I feel as though I'm finally catching up to my actual age now that I'm in my mid-20's but it did have a large impact on how I view people and life in general. I would love to speak with others who may have had similar experiences. What I have stated above is just some of the few things that have really stuck out but it's an ongoing daily part of my everyday life.

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zinqa (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-18)
Hi, if you can tell me what is my deepest fear, what trouble's me so much. I can trust that may be you can have a solution for me bn5904664 [at]
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-21)
Wow, you have an interesting life. I'd say you definitely have several psychic abilities running around. You're clairvoyant and empathetic for sure.

The manequin fear really thought provoked me. I never considered something like that, if you feel energies from people, a manequin would throw you off. Its little things like that which make me believe your story, because people who don't experience those things wouldn't think of something so different like that.

I'm sorry you have a fear of crowds, but I understand why.

I also know how you feel about growing up fast. I'm 28 as of yesterday, and I finally feel caught up too. I also was very mature for my age, and was a 13 going on 30 type of kid. I feel in our 20's is the time we are either going to grow out of our abilities, or keep them. I feel this is the time of choice. We are gaining many new responsibilities and get caught up with vices, habits and the business of life in general. Those of us with abilities will have to make time for them, and work on them in order to keep them. Yours are particularly strong, but I feel you'll find they will get more and more comfortable.

I wish you the best of luck!
Tonyardo (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-21)
i have a lot of the same experiences, sensing the moods of people, dreming things befor it happens, noticing spirits, growing up faster than others, sleep issues, and smoking marijuana to get a break... But smoking can make your abilities get weaker in the long run as well, which is why I stoped smoking marijuana and just deal with it. Oh and I also have agoraphobia, and anxiety/panic attacks. If you want to talk add me on msn... Bff_4life18 [at]


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