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Indian Burial Mound/ground


I am working on an expensive house with a fellow Architectural Design painter. Old money had built this house and its in Wayzata. We talk about energies and such as we are artist and work with special crafts to create a certain look with materials for clients. As I am working one day, I see out of the corner of my eye, a young brave running the long hallway. All is quiet. Another incident is we are trying to get the Lime Plaster to dry on an inside wall. It won't dry. I check all areas of the wall, everything is warm, for a half hour we are trying to dry the plaster, huge industrial fan going. Nothing happening. I leave as I am not feeling well. He told me the next day it took an hour or so to dry, unusual. Another time, I am working by myself, other work crews gone or so I thought. I hear a heavy object drop and roll, like a door knob, in the little boys room. I thought perhaps the carpenter was still there putting on the door knobs and such. I go into the room and there is no one. I look and see what feel, there isn't anything on the floor. I didn't look too close as I went back to work. Another incident, we just finished the top of the wall and the scaffolding was removed that early morning. I look up and see a large long hand print, the fingers were large and thick, far apart from each other, larger than a large mans hand. The dirty fingers left a long mark, about 10 to 12 inches long. It did not look normal to me. I show my boss and he is scared. We all look and know its not a human print. The owner and management crew come in for inspection, we are all ignoring the mark on the wall, the owner sees and gets the goose bumps. I feel a sense of sadness upon this job site. I am part Native and have not mentioned to the family of doing a blessing or smudging of the house and property. The burial ground is right outside the house. Someone said they took great care not to disturb anything.

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PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-11)
The mark sounds like it may very well be a Protector of the area you mention. If you are a dreamer you can pray and ask your people and the Spirit that works with dream world according to your family history to help with the physical world to help. By a traditional prayer and sacred herbs you can bring in the proper help. If you attend NA Church they can support as Elders can help too.

I dream and do the above. Thanks for sharing.

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