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Is This Premonition?


An experience that happened the other night.

I'm looking for some clarification. I have never had a spiritual experience before to my knowledge. I suffer from ocd and anxiety & sometimes smoke marijuana to sleep at night.

The other night I had smoked, and laid down. I saw an image in my head of my grandmother & her partner both diseased wearing light blue nightgowns with a black figure behind them. And then out of nowhere I heard a voice saying "we're coming to take him away" in an unfamiliar woman's voice. A while later I heard a voice saying "lucifers comin to getcha!". I suffer with religious ocd also, and I'm wondering if this could be some sort of anxiety / marijuana induced freak out or possibly some spiritual premonition? I realise this wasn't a dream, more so something popping into my head and manifesting. But I'm not entirely sure how these things work or if this would constitute as something paranormal.

I'm not on here to mock others who have these gifts or to instigate any arguments. I'm trying to figure some sort of clarification out just to give me peace of mind. I'm so frightened because of it and it's all I think about.

Please help as this is giving me terrible terrible anxiety. I cannot eat or sleep worrying that the random image and voices were something of an other world. I've never had anything like this happen before it was totally out of the blue.

I appreciate this is also not a mental health forum. I am just struggling to try to put my mind at ease. Death of a loved one is my biggest fear & my anxiety revolves around that.

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James-Wandler (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-10)
Clairebea1, I would like to help. If you are interested please email me at James.Wandler [at]

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