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Knowing When Something Will Happen


When I was little I use to have dreams about things an then they would happen like when I was 10 I dreamed I had to go to a place called inner change raise my angesiety an depression an that there was this kid there named bob (not real name) an me an him became really good friends an that last day there I wore a dress the top part was black the skirt was black with red an cream colored squares all over it an at the end of the day befor we went home he asked me out. 2 months later all of this happened an I remember having that dream at first it kind of creeped me out but it dosent now it's happened a lot more since then. A couple years later (2yrs) I was standing in the hall way in my house an I saw a man laying on the floor leaning up on the door his head was tilted his arms by his sides there was blood all over him his eye was hanging out of his head an there was a knife in his heart an I've seen ones simmalar to that but not the same but the person is always dead. At age 8,I started feeling like I was being watched ani could tell if was good or bad an it use to scare me it still does but not as much. My grandpa died a few months ago an the night he died I saw a clock on my wall (I have no clock on my wall) an it was like a sign that he was about to die. If there's any way can anyone help me figure out what's going on with me? And P.S I can spence my friends an family even strangers emotions an some times I can spence my cats please help me figure this out I don't know what to do an I'm afraid if I ask or tell people they might think I'm crazy so please if you can help

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wat123 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-05)
You're an empath but also psychic with the predictions.
Gather some more information on the subject and mayby try to develop/restrain your ability.

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