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A Few Psychic Experiences As A Child, Nothing Since Then


Recently, my mother has told me about a few experiences I had when I was a child. I was around 8 or 9 at the time, I'm 15 now. One of the experiences, the most notable one I think, was a situation where I predicted a Tornado. My dad was working in Murrayville, Georgia on a job. I vaguely remember this situation, but my mother told me I was in my room and I suddenly came running into the living room in tears telling her to call my dad and make him come home, because there was going to be a Tornado where he was working. She then called my dad and he told her the weather was clear, and that he was okay. After I was calm, minutes later the National Weather Service Alert went off, announcing a Tornado Warning in Murrayville, and a few other places.

I had no way of knowing this was going to happen, it was just a feeling.

Another event was in 2007, a day before my 7th birthday, there was a major recall on products from China. A few days before, my mother had been to Wal-Mart and bought a toy, and when she brought it home I refused to play with it, because I claimed it was "dangerous to kids". My mom said this freaked her out a little, so she just put the toy away and didn't let me or my sister's play with it. Days later, the recall occurred, and toys such as Bandeez, Marvel Toys, and others were taken off of shelves in America due to dangerous amounts of lead used in the creation of these products.

Although both of these events aren't insanely significant, they were enough to convince my mother I had some sort of gift. Whether it was major or minor, it was there.

She also told me that I had this reoccurring dream of my sister's getting kidnapped by a substitute at our elementary school. Every night I had those dreams, the substitute was there the following day, teaching their class. After the 4th or 5th time I had this dream, my mother kept my sister's home from school, because she feared that my dreams were predicting something. Although we aren't sure exactly why I had these dreams, nothing amounted from them, but the substitute no longer taught at our school.

Since then, I haven't experienced anything else like that. I wish I would have practiced or perfected this ability, whatever it was. I'm hoping someone can tell me if there's any way I can go about trying to reawaken these abilities, and if so how can I go about doing them? Thank you for reading this and thanks for any input.

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gstories (6 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-02)
Maybe this only happens to you when something bad is going to effect you and maybe you're just one of those lucky people who doesn't have a lot of bad things happen to them?

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