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Shadow Figures And Hostile Out Of Body Experiences


I'm going to begin by saying that I've always been interested in the supernatural and that I'm sort of used with seeing spirits and entities. As a child, I used to see and talk about a man in our old apartment when only I and my mom lived there. We have since then moved to a different country and house, and these sightings have only grown more common. I fully believe that there are spirits in this house, though I wouldn't go far enough to call it haunted. As grisly as it sounds, I've seen numerous body parts floating in the living room and on one occasion, I've even seen a whole torso float over my mom and into the TV screen. In that same room, I've also seen a little, old-fashioned girl staring straight at me. And once when I was working on a school assignment, I spotted a black cat in the corner of my eye and when I turned to look, it was gone. We never owned any cats. I feel watched so regularly in this house that I fear that I might have grown paranoid.

With all that background information aside, I'm going to continue and say that during the recent years, I've been extremely interested in Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. This is where it all started. The instant I began trying for lucid dreams, the out of body experiences naturally followed. I've had a total of three out of body experiences, and each of them were extremely vivid.

The first time I experienced them, I remember lying in my bed and feeling my arm randomly separate from my body. Intrigued, I pulled it loose from my physical arm and felt a really gooey, stubborn substance between my astral arm and my physical one. Long story short, I managed to effortlessly separate my whole upper body and I recall feeling dizzy when my head separated. My whole vision was in black and white and everything I looked at was a beautiful silvery white and grey. I turned around and instantly froze when I saw a shadow man staring at me. He was easily over 6 feet tall, had no face, no features at all, but I could feel that he was watching me. I was so freaked out that I snapped back into my body.

The second time it happened, I was too afraid to leave my body, as I feared that I would see the shadow man again.

The third time was when it all changed. I felt the vibrations I've grown so familiar with and I decided that I wouldn't fall victim to my own fear again. So I became bold enough to fight back against my fear and separated my body with great struggle. My astral neck was stuck to my body and I recall that my ceiling was oddly 'striped' when I managed to free my astral eyes from my body. I didn't see the shadow man again, but I saw this strange... Yin and yang symbol with grey wings. I was worried then and forced myself to think positive thoughts, in belief that it would leave me alone if I did. That was when the 'symbol' shot me with some kind of white light and forced me back into my body. I fell into a dream then and I remember seeing my mom. She told me that it was "extremely bad to see those symbols" and that "I should never do it again." She lit several candles in the dream, as if to protect me. This was the last time I had an out of body experience.

There was also a fourth occasion, but it was only partly an out of body experience. I was yet again lying in my bed and daydreaming when I was suddenly 'snapped' out of the daydream. I was staring at my ceiling through my closed eyelids and I saw these shadowy hands race down from the ceiling and attack my eyes. There was no warning at all, and I had never felt so terrorized.

There have also been several occasions in my lucid dreams where every single time I grew lucid or 'too aware', there have always been this one person opposing me. I don't know who they are or what they want, but they don't like when I 'see too much.' I'm not sure if this is at all related to my out of body experiences, but I strongly feel like something is preventing me--whether it's my subconscious, out of protection, or out of hostile attempts to stop me from achieving these goals. I'm mildly frustrated and confused, and I haven't had a single astral projection in over two years [though, I still have the occasional lucid dreams].

Should I heed these warnings, or are they negative entities playing with my mind? Was I attacked, or am I reading too deeply into this? I just don't know anymore.

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-30)
Right now, I can see one thing preventing you from being able to project: Fear. Fear is one of those things that will only hinder you in your attempts to project.

The most important thing that I can tell you is that yes, when you astral project you will more than likely at some point encounter beings such as your shadow person, or another entity (aka, a Negative Entity). None of these can harm you apart from scaring you back into your body. One of the things I was told when I first encountered them was if you feel threatened, run up to them and give them a hug. Yes, really, give them a hug!

When you are on the astral, your thoughts can quite literally take form, so think of something positive - consider the entity a bully rather than something evil; they only pick on you as long as you let them. Make a stand and they will lose interest because it's not worth their time.

If you want to help to dissolve the fear barrier - you can try anything that will bring about positive thoughts. Practice during the day time, call out for (Jesus, God, your spirit guides, Cthulhu) to watch over you as you project, smudge the room, or practice shielding. Something to make you more at ease.

On the side - sometimes, an entity is curious about you because of what you are doing; maybe, this shadow person is a scientist from one of the other astral planes, and is interested to know how a human is able to project. Maybe it's another projector, or just a spirit that thinks you won't notice them.


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