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I'm Seeing Spirits And Angels. How Do I Control My Third Eye


Basically me and two other friends have been going through our spiritual awakening over the past few weeks. And we had begun to see many numbers everywhere. With out a doubt 11:11 being the most common of the numbers.

In addition we have all been trying to open our Chakras. And now I believe I have opened my third eye. I've been in contact with a Psychic lately and she kept saying I have the gift but I didn't believe it. Then, yesterday afternoon I decided to go have a sleep. As I closed my eyes I saw a woman lifting up what looked like Tarot cards to her chest. I opened my eyes a little freaked out.

Once I shut my eyes again I began to see a lot of my friends dancing and waving at me. Everyone was coming up to me waving and trying to talk to me for a few seconds then left behind me. It was in a clubbing scene, and I had gone out on both Friday and Saturday night. And all the people I had seen were there. It was like a flash back.

This went on for a few hours. Then the scene changed. It was a dark area no light and random people were coming up to me. I asked them if they were spirits and some said no. I asked if they were angels too. They mouthed yes and nodded their heads. And some told me they were spirits. I'm confused it freaked me out and I started to see bad things. I got back into my positive mind frame and the scene turned good again.

But the way I can explain it is it's a constant flow of people coming up and trying to speak to me but it's silent. And I don't even need to close my eyes. As soon as I'm in a dark room they are walking around me human size, some bigger. And I've been seeing flashes of green and red.

Has this happened to anyone. It's Interesting and now it's fading a bit. But I don't want it too. How do I make it come back properly again

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TylerR1996 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-06-28)
Fair enough. I have been very careful. I see some strange and scary things. But if I stay positive than positive things always come.
Jakebacon0 (1 stories) (15 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-28)
Well, for one thing, be careful with your abilities, and stay away from the use of so-called ''Chakras''. Chakras don't exist. Also, if it helps at all, I recommend that you see a Catholic priest. I'm not saying any of this to put you down or hurt you, I'm just trying to help.
God bless you, and I pray that He will help you.

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