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Empath, Maybe?


The only way I can explain my emotions is through psychic means. I read extensively on how empathy works and I find myself agreeing with the "symptoms" of it too. In crowded areas, I get really anxious and fidgety. Also whenever something bad is going to happen, I'm usually extremely happy or just really having a good day, then I'll get home (scenario) and my dad will come home and start causing an attitude and then I'll 'absorb' his negative energy, in a way, and I'll become really upset with it, and he'll be fine after. Also I feel like I can see things in the sky, or when it's really bright, I see these tiny black dots, and they just move back and forth and sometimes they're like waves and they just move in every which way, I can never really focus on any one specific dot. Another thing, after I meet someone or get to know someone really well, I associate their 'moods' with colors and I've been assuming it was you know an aura but not in the 'physical plane' but what I'd like to know more than anything is if I'm psychic or not... Every time I watch videos on 'awakenings' they scare he heck out of me cause I agree with 9/10 of the 'symptoms' I see 11:11 almost a lot, I have mood swings and sudden emotional changes, I sleep a lot, or find myself needing sleep while other times I can stay up and sleep for only s couple hours and be fine, I haven't really felt the 'sprinkling or pressure' on the crown chakra yet. As a sort of test to see if there was anyone 'watching over me' I lit a white candle, and meditated on the flame, I kept repeating in my head that I wanted to have direction and prosperity, and the next morning things started to click into place about what I wanted to do with my life, and I had a psychiatrist appointment and he tried to tell me other options or things I could do as an alternative to what I had already seemed to have a plan with, and I got really upset cause that's what I felt in my gut was right.

Anyways, I'd love to have some insight or another opinion on this.

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