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First Time Seeing Images, Language Barrier Or Expanding Gift


I've just recently realized I am an empath and a medium. Most of the time I either hear messages or the words just pop in my head. The other day I was sitting by the river in my back yard. The weather was nice for the time in a few days so I decided to go meditate outside. I planed a spot up in a tree I really love, but I felt a pull twords the river so I settled in at the river side. A few minutes in I could feel a presence standing behind me. It was a male strong and very proud. I could almost feel how he was standing with chest puffed out (if that makes sense). So I asked "Are you standing behind me? Who are you? What are you doing here?" Then I see an eye in my head, but not a realistic one it was like cave drawings. I said "Are you trying to say you can see me?" Then I see another drawn eye, different from the first time. Then I saw a smudged drawing of a person moving "OK walking..." Then a flash of green like land "You travel the land..." Then the person walks up to a drawn hill looking thing, something slides down the hill and liquid spreads and seaps down to the ground. And then everything stops at first I had a hard time contemplating what I was being told because it was kind of blurry and again it looked like cave drawings but moving. So I said "can you speak? I can hear you of you'd like to speak?" No response. I tried a few more times with no luck. I get called back in the house. The bottom gate has a lock and I couldn't find the key so I just walked around to the neighbors property up to the street when I got to the street I looked up and saw the large rock hill on our other property and then it clicked a rock fell down a crushed him.

Our properties were recently discovered to be old Native campgrounds and this male has been around as long as I can remember but never really reached out to me before I just always felt him around. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the while situation though. Before I was always able to hear or get words in my mind. Do you think he showed me images instead of talking because of a language barrier or is my gift expanding?

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