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Is Telekinesis Real?


A few minutes ago I came downstairs and turned my ceiling fan on. A wrapper slid off the table from the fan being turned on and I thought nothing off it. I went to sit down and saw a package of one of my favorite Japanese snacks on the table, it was slightly moving due to the fan motion. As I got closer and stared at it more it started to shake a lot. The front where the label was placed was turned away from where I was. When I got closer it turned towards me in seconds then collapsed on the table. The small snack package shook and moved towards me a little as I got closer. It sort of scared me and I decided to look away from it, everything stopped. I was really confused then I thought it might be Telekinesis, I'm not sure if Telekinesis is actually real but from what I just saw or may have done it might be real. I also thought it could have been a spirit but it would be highly unlikely, though I got a terrible feeling when I walked over towards the table. If Telekinesis is actually real and someone has the gift of it, please help me. I'd really like to understand my problem so I know if it was just fake or not. My mind sometimes plays tricks on me so I would understand if it is fake. It can't be described in great detail because it's so hard to even understand. I've never had anything like that happen to me before. Even thinking about it gives me an unnerving feeling. I'm slightly running out of things to say, if you can't already tell. If you're still reading this then I will be reading all comments, if you give me your email I will gladly message you there for further information...

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unknownmystic (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-10)
Hi fossilera,

I liked your advice on telekinesis, I agree that being realistic is very important when trying such feats. Unfortunately due to tv and movies young folks tend to think they can accomplish big feats without putting in the work, then they get disappointed and stop attempting it. For myself the heaviest object I affected was a Styrofoam cup with an empty soda can in it. And it was by accident. Sense then, my psywheel is what I can usually affect. Nothing serious,)
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-10)
Telekinesis has been an area of study to me for a little while.

My suggestion for you would be if you want to "prove" without a doubt that it was you moving the object, try to move the object under a glass jar, bowl, or something where you can place the object and still see it (for added security, use a hairdryer to make sure that no stray currents can move it).

Also, stay realistic - a lot of the younger members seem to think that they'll be able to throw cars, levitate heavy objects, or pull a stunt they saw in a movie. The heaviest object I have heard people actually influencing? A pocketknife.

Good luck!

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