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How To Control Your Psychic Abilities Part 2


It's River here! This is my next "How to control your psychic abilities" instructions (I guess) and I am mainly focusing on Telepathy and Energy Transferring today. I will add in some of my experiences as well, and I hope this can help a lot of you.

First of all, the beginning question is; "How do I know that I am psychic?" Here is your answer;

-you can dream of or have visions of future events

-you have the ability to know what others are thinking or are about to say before they say it

-you see things that aren't psychically there (such as the 'dreaming eye')

-you can communicate and/or see spirits

-you can transfer energy from one thing to another or can feel it easily

-you can get a feeling that something isn't right to find out that you were correct

-you dream of events that can help solve problems throughout your daily life or get visited by someone who has passed in a dream (not just a random dream, like them telling you something important)

These are only some of the ways, but the main ones. Otherwise you would have to talk to someone who really knows their stuff (like myself) to see if it counts as a psychic ability.

The older you get in life, the stronger your psychic abilities become (that is if you are psychic) so about this time of age is the best time to start your 'training'.

To begin, no matter what type of ability you have, you need to connect with it, and relax. (my previous story tells you how) You need to feel the energy it gives, BE the energy. If you are practicing telepathy, you need to BE the other mind. Think how they would think and how they would feel. If it is energy transferring, you need to be the energy, feel it inside of you, because everyone and everything is made of energy. Find it inside of yourself, unlock the potential of your psychic ability.

Next, after you are linked, try to take control with your own mind. For energy, you should be able to move it with just your mind if you are doing it right. For telepathy, be a river and go with the flow. If it is a vision or a dream, don't snap yourself out of it because there could be a reason why you had it in the first place. Instead, go with it like you are in a car that you are not driving. It can take you anywhere.

With the help of other people, I have been able to connect with other people's minds without even trying to. Sometimes I can say what someone else is going to say while they do it. (maybe don't do it in front of just anyone because it can creep them out)

I am also to the point where I don't just connect with living things, electronics too. Sometimes when I lay in bed, I think of a time, look at the clock, and see that I am exactly right. Things like this come naturally to me now, and it may to you as well with the right practice.

That is about all I have for now. If you want, you can ask some questions that you have or requests on the next 'lesson'. Also if you want personal help (or just a way you can reach me better) email me at and you should get your answer soon. I would love to talk to or help or teach anyone in anyway that I can.



United States of America, Utah

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-21)
Well, I am now 15 and I started to know I could do psychic things at around age 7. Handling it took some time, but I learned to just try and keep a calm mind so I can focuse. Remember what you've got here is a gift, and it is meant to be used and strengthened. Practice, and meditation should help as well.
~River ❤
justarandomname (4 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-29)
I can see energy. And when you say seeing things that aren't physically there, or the dreaming eye, I was wondering if this would count... I was at the part with my boyfriend and was slouching, then when I sat up and looked out the window I saw a white truck with one of the full white backs on the back of it. It was in the middle of the field. I looked for a second then blinked and looked again and it was gone. I can't find anything even remotely kind of on this except what you said in here. Right now, my chakras are unbalanced... I took a chakra test and my third eye is the most open one, that's probably why lately I'm starting to have more things happen I just can't get it all fully. I believe my next thing I will fully develop is my clauraudience, because it was trying to the other day in my house. Usually when my ears ring its only the left, but this time both were and I was expierencing a lot of pressure changes, and then it would just not stop ringing. Then I got this weird feeling in my throat like someone was pushing on it. That would make sense cause my chakra test my throat was still under active but its almost open. It said my thiRd eye was 62 percent open, which with all the stuff that's been happening I believe. When I first started seeing energies it was kind overwhelming like whIle I watched tv and stuff, because I couldn't stop seeing it, if I balance all my Chakras do you think they'll all kind of balance out or will I just be running straight into my complete psychic awakening? I've always been psychic to some sort of degree, and even my life path number is 11 which is the messenger. I'm only 16 and lately a lot more things are happening, how old were you when your stuff really started and how did you handle it all?
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-09)
Thank you Nightingale, I am glad that I can help people.
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-09)
Hello River,
Thank you for sharing this advice with all of us. It is such a helpful compilation of information both for new and already developed psychics.
Take care of yourself,

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