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Just a few hours ago, I was at my church volleyball game. While playing, my psychic abilities randomly kicked in. A girl was about to serve the ball, and I find myself thinking that she won't get it over the net. She doesn't make it over. Since it was her first year, she got to serve again. I thought; she will be close, but won't make it. It barely missed going over the net, making me right again.

I love volleyball, so I wouldn't just stop and try to guess what will happen, it just appeared in my mind in the middle of the game. It kind of made the game almost...boring. I knew who would win and who would get it over the net, so my excitment vanished sadly.

On Tuesday, I was watching the face to face Piano Guys broadcast, and somehow I knew exactly was going to happen. They were going to have someone from the audience play a song, someone they have never worked with, and I knew who it was going to be before the person was called. I also knew what songs they were going to play before they did.

Day by day my psychic abilities have been getting stronger. I love the ability sometimes, but it can also ruin surprises at other times. Hopefully it can come into great use like (sadly) predicting people's deaths, or knowing way before disaster strikes somewhere. One day it should hopefully help people's causes. If anyone wants help to know how to some- what control their psychic abilites, I am always here to help. I have seen many people asking around, so yeah, I'm always here! I'll do what I can

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-28)
Setting your mark to as see and read it the right thing to do.
You can also do movies and review a new TV series.

Join a class can help in development. A day and night meditation will kick up your abilities. Keep a journal to see your strong points. Google the claires-Wikipedia to see which are your traits.

Good journey

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