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I am here to try to get some help and any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Ever since I was a young child I would have vivid dreams as well as night terrors that I could not wake myself from, many different ones but all of the details stood out with no detail left behind when I was awake. I never thought anything of it growing up as my family would brush it off to be an over active imagination. I have also experienced severe "Deja Vu" moments where I knew this particular situation was going to happen and I remembered every detail again. Conversations word for word at times I could recite in my head before the other person or I spoke. Everything really started to kick up in 2010 all of a sudden it was like this force made itself known to me, things would go missing and my children would somehow find them several days later in odd places. Before you ask my children were in bed fast asleep for one particular incident and there would have been no way they could have taken and hidden the item, they were the ones to find it but unable to tell me where or how they got it. Into the now I have been sensing someone is watching me all times of the day/night as well as seeing small things happening again such as bathroom door slowly opening and closing on its own, a small figure near my sons crib that quickly went away after I noticed. I also see what to me seems like little sparkling circles basically everywhere I go (Does this mean anything) I was prompted to contact a Medium and I trusted my feeling to do that. I spoke with her yesterday on the phone and she explained a lot to me about our guides and them trying to make themselves known to me and that I have nothing bad in my home. She also without knowing this about me explained the reason I have anxiety attacks (I was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety with an unknown cause, until now) is because I sense all of these guides around me. She mentioned that I do have this gift and that I should attend meditation (which is donation only) to learn how to open and close this ability. She said I can close this but it won't stay that way forever, so I would really like to learn how I am to do things. This was the last thing I was expecting when I spoke to her but I will believe what she is telling me. I have always been the type to be afraid of the dark/unknown and always thought of myself to be an "outcast" so to speak because I never really fit in with many people. The medium I spoke with also helped me to be more at ease with what is happening as they are only my guides reaching out to me. Can anyone give me some helpful tips on what I can do now, as it will be a while before I can attend meditation. Oh and would someone be able to tell me what she meant when she said I signed onto a contract on the spiritual side of things? I want to call and ask her so many more questions but afraid that I would be a bother. Thank you so much in advance.

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-03)
First realize there is "No Fear in perfect love". That should have been all of our first lessons as children, but unfortunately at times we loose grip with that truth. Always love, as one mother to another mother, as one person who experienced so many wonderful things of spirit all my life, it truly is that we are to be love under all circumstances... We must see ourselves as the other people. I have said the same things in a nutshell to others on this site, as some of us experienced the ups & downs with it all... I learned that the anxiety usually stems from bad thoughts, of a lesser intent... Try to pinpoint what you were thinking last time you had anxiety, then think of how you can express in your thoughts to live/think at a higher vibration of love/kindness...if you need calming down, I always use epsom salt, sometimes with lavender to help calm any tense sore muscles that stem from the anxiety. Be peace in all you do, say the words 'For whomever's higher good'...Remove all thoughts or actions of a lesser nature, therein you will have created yourself the road map to peace, your own special sanctuary that keeps enveloping you all day and night.

You are not to see yourself as an outcast, as I myself too, had done that for along time, it was until I realized that we all learn at different times in life, I had to keep reminding myself as I knew this all along, but had to stick firm with the train of thought/action and to trust our higher source to resolve all our issues, we don't steer the correction, we simply indicate for other's higher goods bc it the same intention from a higher love that we would want another to do for us, just as I do for you now. Peace to you. ❤
gstories (6 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-27)
Sounds like your house is haunted andyou should go and see a few more psychics in person.
bellewksi616 (6 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-27)
[at] CourtneyS90 I read your entire story, and can give you a little insight and relation here.

1st and foremost, I began having "anxiety attacks" as well, people think I am freaking out, but when they occur, there is an eerie dark feeling around me, and it feels like DeJa Vu' When this occurs I do a 1 or 2 things, 1 I leave the area ASAP, if its too much to bear (I have been pronounced to be very awkward in these situations)
Or 2 I cleanse the house (given permission) with the white sage I carry in my car.
Afterwards, the feelings of guilt, sorrow, and darkness are gone.
I am very spiritual and follow my dreams and DeJa Vu, because of my past lives.

As for meditation, it has helped me tremendously, but only when done correctly, If you start getting overwhelmed, or having an anxiety attack during, I recommend finding an alternate location (such as outside) I usually go to the mountains (being from Colorado) lastly on meditation, It works better for me when alone and undistracted, I learned how to do it myself through books at the library.

If it works then, you should start to determine why you cannot meditate in that previous location.

I really hope that she is right about them being guides, just because of the anxiety attacks. But it sounds like you live a pretty happy life. I'd just like to make sure all bases are covered. The sage wouldn't hurt the guides if so.

Once again if they are in fact guides, I wouldn't worry, buy I would follow those hints they give you of course, Signing a contract with these guides could mean that you've accepted them into your life, sometimes unknowingly, and that you haven't tried to get rid of them. Maybe in the past the led you down a life changing path, for the better, and you overcame an obstacle most cannot.

Just a thought, I hope some of this information helps you, I am a new psychic and trying to hone in on my abilities.
Any questions to gaylonbellew (at)
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-26)
I agree that the sparkling things are probably orbs, here's a list of their meanings by color:

Scarlet Red - Strong willpower, over-inflated ego, pompous, survival oriented, realistic
Dark Red - Anger, pain, psychological impairment
Deep Red - Short-tempered, stress, restlessness
Vermilion (Clear Red) - Creative, powerful, energetic, competitive, passionate
Light Pink - Sensitive, compassionate, affectionate, true love, openness
Salmon Pink - Immature, dishonest
Orange-Red - Confident, healing energy
Orange - Strong motivation, healthy, adventurous, courageous, outgoing
Peach - Caring communicator, ability to comfort
Amber - Strong and courageous
Orange-Yellow - Optimistic, scientific, intelligent, perfectionist
Pale Yellow - Shyness, optimistic, hopeful
Lemon Yellow - Strength of direction, fearful of loss
Yellow - Caution, warning
Buttercup - Focused on a course of action (determined), inspired
Mustard - Manipulative, overly analytical, making up for lost time
Gold- Higher level of consciousness, wise, protective, enlightened, tolerance, free-flowing energy
Apple Green - Friendly, communicative
Yellow-Green - Liar, cheater, dishonesty
Olive Green - Miserly, Scrooge-like
Emerald Green - Healer, teacher, love-centered person, fertility
Forest Green - Jealous, low self-esteem, overly sensitive
Turquoise - Therapist, communicative, sensitive, amusement, neutrality
Sky Blue (Light) - Strong instinct, intuitive, peaceful, truthful, tranquility
Pilot Light Blue - Shielding, protective
Cobalt Blue - Intuitive in a higher dimension
Royal Blue - Knows their chosen path, generous, highly spiritual
Navy Blue - Shyness, slow yet safe and sure, fearful of truth or being one's self, survival instinct
Indigo - Strong psychic ability, intuitive, deep-feeling
Lavender - Daydreamer, visionary, spiritual peacefulness
Violet - Sensitive, wise, intuitive, idealistic, seeking spirituality
Grape - Laziness
Dark Purple - Stored information
Mauve - Humble
White - Pure, transcendent, often a new un-designated energy, high frequency, protective, shielding
Silver - Linked to spiritual realm, spiritual and physical abundance, nurturing, telekinetic energy
Gray - Feeling trapped
Payne's Gray - Depressed, fearful
Black- Tortured, abused, unreleased grief, negative energy
Raw Sienna - Poor thinking processes, insecure, stressed
Chocolate Brown - Environmentalist, common sense, connected to the earth
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-26)
CourtneyS90, First off, my family also brushed off my weird experiences with psychic stuff to be an over active imagination and I believed it until I found this site and maybe this site can help you as much as it has helped me in the past few months.

The little sparking circles you mentioned I believe you are talking about orbs. Here are the colors of orbs and their meanings of the spirit that you are seeing:

Black: malevolent

Dark blue: shy spirit

Light blue: tranquil peace

Medium blue: protection

Brown: danger or earthbound

Gold: Angelic, unconditional love

Green: Healing orb or spirit

Lavender: Messenger from God

Orange: Protection, forgiveness

Peach: Spirit sent to comfort you

Pink: Accepting spirit

Purple: Orb of information

Red: Anger or passion

Silver: Messenger

Violet: Guide for spiritual matters

White: Protection of holy light and power

Yellow: Warning

And if you need anymore help right away since I haven't been on this site lately, I check my e-mail everyday: rainashea16 [at]

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