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Met My Spirit Guide- Was This Him?


Last night I did a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide- and I did... Except afterwards I read up for some reason about spirits pretending to be guides and have now somewhat freaked myself wondering if it was really my spirit guide.

Before the meditation I was a bit scared so I asked Archangel Michael to protect me and help me meet my spirit guide. Before I got to the part in the meditation I kept opening my eyes as when I closed them it felt like gold waves were around me like gold energy or gold ripples. So I said I didn't like this as it felt like I was swaying and it stopped after a while.

I heard like a pen drop or a knock or something in front of me (in front of me is a wooden ottoman with pens and angel cards on etc.) my Cat was laying on me and looked up when he heard it too then settled down and my Husband was asleep at the time, so it wasn't us that did that, I opened my eyes and said ok thank you but that scared me and I don't want to be scared, so kept asking Archangel Michael to protect me.

Afterwards once my eyes were closed I could see where I was sitting on the armchair in my lounge, but standing beside me was Michael. He presented himself to me looking quite young, if I had to say an age I would say early 30s, with long black hair tied in bun and green eyes. He was wearing like a white robe with a blue tie around it and had big grey angel wings, instantly I felt safer and knew nothing bad was going to hurt me.

I followed the guided meditation to the part before you meet your spirit guide you get to a gate. I kind of hit a wall in my meditation at that point as I was worried about not meeting my guide... Maybe already feeling frustrated in case they didn't present themselves, so I asked to meet them and I asked Archangel Michael to help me meet my spirit guide.

So during the meditation in my head I could see this gate, a garden on the other side of the gate, and behind me was Michael holding his hand out as to say go through the gate. I said 'I like your wings' and he replied back smiling and said 'everyone does'.

As I went through the gate I felt safe in this garden and kept asking my spirit guide to come say hi and please could they present themselves to me. I had the impression I currently have two guides with be as I saw a flash of blonde hair and a man however only the man came through. It took a while, so I asked for names first. I got the name Edward come through. I kept asking repeatedly if Edward was his name and if he was my spirit guide- and after a while he said 'I am Edward, who else would I be' in a kind of jokey sarcastic manner.

I then asked if Edward could present himself to me. I saw an old man, a wise man with a sense of humour, very kind. He had white hair slicked back and piercing blue eyes and a long stare but not in a creepy way... More in an 'it's nice to meet you finally, I know a lot about you' way. He had a warm smile and I felt like he was an old soul and wise.

There was a bench in the garden so I sat on the bench and said I just want to sit for a while. Edward kept telling me over and over everything will be fine. I will be fine in the end and when I mentioned I wonder if I will ever be fine and be a Psychologist he replied with your life's purpose will make itself known one day- I got the impression that he means I still have a lot left to learn. On the bench with us was Archangel Michael and he was there the whole time.

Over the past few days I have been worrying about my Dad, my Nan passed away this year and he broke up with his partner of 17 years and the other day his Dog passed way. Edward said to me out of the blue 'your Dad will be fine, he is strong, you are both strong like each other' I was taken aback by this and started worrying what if something happened to him, that is why Edward is saying that... Although I did panic and Edward said to trust us. I'm thinking he means trust the Angels and Guides. I did call my Dad today and he seemed fine.

I stood up in the vision/meditation and saw Edward was wearing plain clothes; a white plain shirt with long sleeves and brown trousers and shoes. I got the impression he was medieval like a blacksmith or something.

Towards the end of the meditation I was getting emotional and teary in a happy way and hugged him and I kept saying thank you over and over again. He replied in a jokey way saying I appreciate the thank you, no need to thank us it's our job, smiled and waved goodbye as I was walking towards the gate and then I opened my eyes.

I have always managed to see things in my mind really vividly and when meditating hear people's responses in my head... If that makes sense. I'm not sure what this is but in only happens during meditation. A lot more recently I have sensed presences around me when I asked for the Angels, like a cold wave so I know they are there.

I have a family friend who I grew up around who trained me in my Reiki I and introduced me to Oracle Cards, so I have been aware of the guides for years, except I have only just started communicating with my Angels and Guides again. At some point we had the same guide called Marcus, I am not sure if he is with me now, but she told me about her experience and I said I saw the same guy called Marcus when I did a guide meditation in the past. She then told me we were both in the same past life together in the Victorian Era (she saw a Victorian Circus) so I think that is why she is in my life now as a teacher.

Anyway, sorry- bit of a ramble. I felt like my Edward/Michael meditation was very real and safe. However I looked online at Spirit Guide experiences and read all these horror stories about Demons and fake Spirit Guides so now I have doubting my experience and wondering if Edward is good. I keep reminding myself at the time I felt safe, I didn't experience any fear or anything. So it must be good although my mind keeps wandering back to these stories so I thought I would ask for some advice on the matter.

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Bailey_Harris1998 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-29)
I also have a spirit guide,he's young and kind, we are in love now:)
Aniras (2 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-18)
Love your story, I think we are listening to the same guided meditation... Although I haven't met my guides as yet. I had the name 'Ezekiel' flash in my mind when I asked for them to reveal themselves. But since then nothing, oh, I had a 'lock' like from a piece of jewellery flash in my eyes but I don't understand that message yet. 😊 😊
Samiisah (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-21)
I have no experience in this matter but I think generally your brain creates worry and doubt. If you feel in your heart that the experience was pure and good than it was likely a genuine experience.

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