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Visons At Night


This all began when I was just a little girl. At night time, I would awake to seeing witches in my room. They would just be standing by my bed. Then it moved to little people also standing very close to my bed. Later in my teenage to grown up years, I would see bearded men. This lasted for many years. One night, I recall a man trying to place his hand over my mouth and I remember screaming. Then after these incidents, I would awaken more fully to my heart beating rapidly. Now, I could see these people in their whole entirety meaning I saw them full bodied dressed head to toe. When I was in my early thirties, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. When I would have my seizures, I would not see the people like I did growing up fully clothed and their bodies head to toe, but just an outline is what I would see with a seizure. I feel when I was younger, this was different and not a seizure back then. I always have had this fear of being raped, and it would seem like many nights when I would go to sleep, the men would either be standing near my bed or like I mentioned, the worst was the man coming at me to place his hand over my mouth. I do get feelings at times like at times someone is around me in my presence. For example, sometimes I do get a quick breeze brush by me, and even feel like when my back is facing the door, someone or something is behind me. I do not know, maybe I am just thinking I feel this. I do know that my latest was just about a week ago, when I saw two black men's faces on the wall during the night, and I just wondered if something happened with these two men that night or days to follow. I get these feelings and at times things do happen. Normally, I get a weird feeling first, and something happens or it just doesn't. I know I felt tormented for years over the witches, little people, but mostly the men. The men lasted from teenage years until my thirties. That is when I had 4 grand mal seizures one night and became hospitalized for 4 days. I have no memories of those days, but I just feel the seizures are different from my feelings when something may happen. I do get curious as to what am I going to see at night when I go to bed. What vision will be next?

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IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)

You touch on something that I have always felt--that many, most of the people who suffer from migraines, epilepsy, schizophrenia, OCD, etc. Actually suffer because more "energy"--could be from spiritual sources, visions, as you had, or many othet-dimensional reasons--and that excessive energy causes dysfunction.

I feel like I have worked hard during my life to avoid this imbalance.

But it doesn't make what you experience invalid.

What I worry about for you is that these are all negative entities, or that you perceive them as such.

Are you aware of having a Master Guide of any kind who can protect you or explain to you the meanings of these visions?

The fear of rape, especially coming from an early age, may be a past life experience. But mostly you need to be empowered to feel that you have "someone" on your side, protecting you, advising you. And we all do--at least one and usually many more.

So put out your vibes to sense that person or persons who are there for you, for your highest and best development. You will feel a warmth to them, but at first you may question if you are really experiencing someone else. But they are there. You can ask for confirmation in many different ways. But you need an ally in this.

Good luck to you. It may be hard to accept, but there is someone there to help and protect only you. They are there your whole life, but you must consciously ASK for their assistance. Maybe they have been waiting all this time for you to recognize that they are there as well as these other entities.

Peace to you.

Isle - Lora

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