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My Lost Necklace


I have lost a very dear necklace that has a "spinner" on it from my mother's estate, poor mum did not have much and I purchased the "spinner" with the little money that she had left me so that I could have her close to my heart every day. I truly believed that I had it on before I showered two Saturday's ago - But I do remember turning around at a shopping centre to see if I left something behind. Saw nothing and continued on - I rang my two friends that I helped that weekend to see if I had left it there but I was sure I had it lunchtime on the Saturday. In my mind I have taken it off at home but I have turned the house upside down twice to try and find it and I am beside myself - I am now doubting if I did have it at home and that I am just remembering the habit of taking it off before showering. I have contacted the police, the shopping centre that I visited and the local "pawn" shops to see if someone has taken it in. I would not mind if the person who has found it (if indeed I have lost it outside of my home) sells it I would be more than happy to buy it back - I feel totally lost without it - I used to touch it several times a day it helped me feel my mum was close. I keep going over and over in my mind the day but cannot pinpoint the last moment with the necklace. I have prayed to St Anthony in the hope that it will turn up. My friends have told me to stop looking and it may turn up but I am fretting over it. I would really appreciate it if anyone can recommend someone that may be able to help me or suggest something that I can do to try and locate it.

Many thanks

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Lalela (9 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-20)
I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe if possible try publishing an advertise in the local newspaper. Or just sit down, relax... And think about the day you lost your necklace. Like, where all you went and where you could've left it behind... And then look in all those places. I really hope you find that necklace. But remember, even if you lost it... Your mother's love will still always be there for you. =)

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