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This is something that has bothered me since it begun but I have no desire to stop I just want to know what's going. Ever since I was a child I've had countless near death experiences drowning, being run-over, falling fatally ill, being torn to shreds by sharp rocks and almost falling from a thousand foot drop off a mountain when playing. Every time I come close and literally am looking into that black abyss that would have taken me something always literally takes control of my body and I survive no matter the odds about a year back my dad died and I lost all my happiness just like that later on something strange happened I lost control of my body and thoughts like all the other times and ended up on an page about Satanism and not anton lavey or joyofsatan I mean a legitimate group and started worshipping Satan I started learning how to focus a strange and dark energy inside me inviting many different spirits and entities into my household shortly after everything started falling apart and my family and me moved. Not too long I started hearing a voice inside an unimaginably powerful voice always saying I'm hungry I later welcomed the being I've come to call my other who I have had with me since birth into my life and now we share the shell known as the body he also speaks of eating jehova with me as crazy as this sounds I am not lying and I've never told anybody any of this ever I want to know who or what my other is please you people are the only people I can turn to. Lastly he seems to come out at night dark places and when I'm surrounded by a large group of people always speaking the phrase I'm hungry I want to devour. Also for some reason children and even adults are scared of me even if they pass by and am just writing a story or reading an article they always say that the boy sitting over there and yes they do point straight at me scares them yet animals of all kinds seem to prefer being around me but when I start focusing the power inside me they fall silent no whimper or bark they just stop and don't bark. I do not want to get rid of anything I just want to know who this entity inside me is and kind of power am I focusing

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