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Golden Rays


For the past few years I have had messages that have come through to me and had encounters, especially from my grandmother who passed years ago. Recently a close family member was diagnosed with cancer and has to have chemotherapy. Since then a couple of strange things have occurred that I think may be linked.

Yesterday I was looking out of the window and it was heavily raining, yet I felt the warmth of sunrays on my skin. A few minutes later there was a deep gold rush of what looked like sunrays with pieces of gold in them. It looked surreal the colours were vibrant yet, they weren't colours I recognized, apart from the vivid gold. The pieces of what looked like gold were almost floating in the rays. It is what I would imagine the end of a rainbow to look like. The rays started to move really quickly and then disappeared leaving me to feel dizzy and sick.

I don't know if this is linked but last night I had a terrible dream of a young lady hanging. I knew her as a friend in my dream but I do not know her in real life. When the women hung herself she was slumped on a bed and had blood from her mouth. She almost looked like a doll.

Although I am fascinated by different encounters and experiences, this time it has confused me and I would appreciate any help at all from someone who has had a similar experience or perhaps knows the meaning of the gold and the women.

Thank you


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vampira (3 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2008-04-29)
oh, well yes the girl you most likely new her in your past life. And she is showing how she died hmmm, maybe she wants help.

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