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Interview at the Golden Cane Bar - SF


You may think you are alone in your psychic abilities. My name is Athena, and I am a paranormal investigator with HPI, and a sensitive myself. We conducted interviews in San Francisco at random in order to collect data regarding what kind, if any, activity would be reported. This by far is the MOST FUN interview.


Ok, to be totally honest my favorite part of the evening, was when the president of the group was holding court in the CHA CHA CHA bar. A combination of being tipsy and married had sent her over the edge, into absolute boy-craziness. She ordered a hunt for an interviewee; and the only requirement was that he must be an exceptionally attractive guy.

We began by using the window that we sat by to our complete advantage. When a cutie would wander by we would bang on the aforementioned window with much smiling and fluttering of the lashes. Upon catching his attention, we beckoned him in with waves, happy laughter and adoring come-hither eyes. Surprisingly, this wasn't very effective, so we took it to the streets. Outrageous Shannon in her cheetah stilettos, Paul GHOST WRITER with his tote, Tim (MIT look-alike), and me; this would be a site to make anyone sought, to duck into the nearest crowd of homeless, murdering, pick-pockets in order to evade us, but we did finally find someone.

Okay, he was stoned and couldn't run away from us anyway. You might think that being stoned would be a reason to throw out his entire testimony, but I say after his initial hallucinogenic paranoia was dealt with he was most informing, my gut says he is mostly telling the truth. After convincing him we were not cops -a mistake only the high could make- I sat him down in a table where he'd be less likely to try to get away while Shannon got him a courtesy pale-ale.

SCOOP at the Golden Cane

Interviewing gorgeous and wasted men was not on the itenery, so I had not prepared for it, but I did my very best to extract a scoop. He called himself "Puppy" and even as we all herded him into the bar I turned to Paul and said, "I bet you this guy is Iranian." In my minds eye I had imagined a kind of group-interview, where everyone was sitting at the table and throwing back something tasty and laughing our brains out. I seated Puppy in a nice big round table where he'd be unlikely to run away. And absolutely no one else came over! How do you keep a high-guys attention and trust, while also send pleading glances of rescue to the rest of the interviewers? An impossible task you might say. Well it turns out that for some reason Puppy had taken a liking to me and decided to tell me everything anyway. He also conducted his own interview; if I had a boyfriend etc... So, I commenced to try to investigate his belief system, yet tried hard to save the really moist and meaty questions for Shannon to ask him.

After he was good and comfy I asked him what his real name was and though I could be wrong, I think it was Faver. He said that his father is Arabic and his mom is El Salvadorian. He was thirty and four to five years ago he had a dream, which sounded like a possible OBE. He had gone to sleep and our handsome fellow said he saw himself hovering above his body looking down upon himself. He is firm; this was a dream even after I had tried to explain what an OBE was. I am not sure if he understood me however. Anyway, OBEs can happen in sleep too.

He had spent time throughout the world, but had been born and mostly raised in San Francisco. Adding two periods of his life together he had spent twelve years in El Salvador. With some prompting he talked about life in El Salvador, mostly in its contrast to the US. There is a great deal of violence in El Salvador; he said that comparatively there is only a drop in the bucket of violence in the US. Interesting me with common El Salvadorian stories he talked about how women are said to sometimes give birth in strange ways there, sometimes through their mouths... A pretty ordinary myth interculturally actually, think of the Greek myth of Athena for one example, born from the head of Zeus after he ate her pregnant mother. M├ętis did not survive, but we all know the myth. This type of myth thrives in societies that do not delineate between the supernatural and hard science. North Americans would have a hard time with how to regard birthing stories circulated in El Salvador.

Faver AKA Puppy also reported that in El Salvador there was UFO activity that had been reported, even upon questioning it's not clear to me when this happened. It's conceivable he meant the event was the January 27th 2006 sighting, in which the deputy chief of the San Salvador police force and seventeen of their finest officers had witnessed possible UFO related phenomena. All 18 of them witnessed a light in the sky that glowed with great intensity. Because of the extraordinary credibility of the witnesses this case has received much deserved attention.

Faver reported regular premonitions, but modestly resisted identifying himself as a psychic or intuitive. During both premonitions discussed he talked about his pattern of recognizing a person in physical danger that was not obvious, and also his discussing his sense with companions that were with him during these times. Both his premonitions immediately panned out.

Around this time I was worried those important "Shannon questions" would not get asked, and Tim lifted our spirits and brought over Faver's long awaited ale, and Shannon came over soon after. Charming Faver with great flair she settled in for a few important questions.

Shannon: "Are you straight or gay?"

Puppy: "I'm straight!"

Shannon and Athena: Joyous hooping and hollering from both our directions.

Shannon: "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Puppy: "Maybe", looking like he was on the skeptical side of that answer.

Shannon pointing to me.: "Puppy, look over there."

I had not paid attention, but my shirt had revealed a little scoop of its own, which I repositioned discretely. Shannon asked for a little kiss on her check and I asked for a hug, then we got up and thanked him well and regrouped outside the bar.

(Permission was granted by Faver to write and publish this interview)

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Psyichckim (3 stories) (46 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-27)
Hi Athena,
I am thinking of becomming a paranormal investigator myself what advice can you give me?

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