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Psychic Triggers And A Golden Web?


Recently, I noticed that I couldn't access any of my abilities. It was like I woke up and they just stopped!

So, I was sitting at home a couple of days ago and was listening to hemi-sync tracks and feeling floaty and happy. Like being high but without the side effects. (Anyone interested in these can hit Google and find them, most of them are the real deal, but be careful of being scammed.)

Anyway, I was sitting at home with my eyes closed and staring into the blackness behind my eyelids, when I started getting images, - It started with a red door, then changed to a tree, then an antenna, then to a circle with an overlying triangle. Then there was a loud bang and I fell off the chair. I don't know what caused the bang, I checked the house (No-one was home at the time but me) but nothing seemed out of place both inside and outside the house.

I went back to meditating to the tracks with my eyes closed, but this time I "drew" a shining white flame circle around myself as a form of a shield. A good fifteen minutes passed and I was back as to the "floaty" state. After a while I lost sensation of my body, (Like when you're having an OBE) and began hearing voices, many of them were complaining and others where giving instructions. I could see gold lines like a web stretching out like a giant net across the sky. At this point I decided I didn't like where I was so I "walked" back to my body, (But it wasn't an OBE, so what is it?) just before I opened my eyes it was like someone was standing next to me and yelled in my ear, "Place your hands together, as if in prayer" so once I was fully awake and functioning again, I was thinking about what the voice had said, - so I placed my hands together like "In prayer" and suddenly I could "Sense" everything in about a 10ft radius, including the emotions of my parents who were entering the house. When I don't have my hands together, I can't access my empathy or do anything psychically. Hands together though, and I can do everything again! How does this work? Is it some sort of trigger? And what was the golden "web" I saw?

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Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-22)
Your mention of a web made me think of Indra's Net But now that I read about it in more detail, doesn't seem to be so. Still, thought I'd throw it out there.

Putting hands together is not necessarily Christian. For example, there's the anjali mudra (a mudra is a hand position). I'm not well read in this, but I hear the hands contain some of the most powerful secondary chakras in our body. There's also the deal with the opposite currents of Ida and Pingala; one is on the left, and the other on the right, and I can't remember which. Maybe it's the combination of those when you put your hands together that helps. And/or the alignment of the hands with the heart chakra.

Gold is generally associated with the Sun and various Sun-gods especially dying-resurrected ones. Think Apollo, Ra, Dionysus. This idea also has an association with the heart chakra. However, it's the solar plexus chakra that's yellow (just to throw in a bit of contradiction). Also, as you probably know, gold is the color associated with the auras of holy people -> halo.

Just want to say that it's not all about Jesus, unless you want it to be.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-18)
The golden web... A few things this might relate too... So it's sort of understood that the development of psychic abilities OR I suppose you might say the ability to "sense" beyond the 5 human senses is tuning into your right brain. There is something that apparantly looks like a web between the left and right brain, my understanding is sometimes you see this.
Also, the "web" is also the connection between all of us, we are all connected by emotions, thoughts, (positive or negative) vibrations at our base level. Empaths "feel" this connection much stronger than other people, they are just more tuned into it. The two issues are related.
Gold can mean strong balancing of your left and right brain and therefore the connection to God/Jesus.
I'm not sure re the hands together thing, other than it is the way in which you are able to connect to this ability. Look up chakras re the 10' radius around you, you have more than just your physical self, you have many layers outside of your body of energy that is you, so does everyone else. Sounds like you are able to "sense" these other layers of others. Very good:)
Hope that helped a wee bit, look up some of what I have mentioned here on the internet to learn more about what is going on with you. Sounds all good to me:)

Dreads (2 stories) (111 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Usually, anything that deals with gold in spirituality has to do with God and Jesus or w/e you believe in and a web has to do with the connecting of objects, people and animals. So I would say you were connecting with the spiritual world on a level to where you could even see heaven. Just my guess though
harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Putting your hands together means you're praying to God in the Christian faith. You were asking for God's help, and He gave it to you. Hope things go back to normal soon! 😁

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