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Something Standing Directly In Front Of Me


Lately, I thought this feeling had disappeared (But it seems I was wrong) and now its stronger than it was before.

It feels like this "Thing" (To me it seems to be old but young, and I keep getting flashes of a sort of "Melting" face) that stands outside my backdoor every time I exit it, day, or night although during the day it is considerably less noticeable.

I can't seem to find any similar experiences on google, and as my friend has experienced the same thing, I was curious to how many people may have experienced this phenomena.

And no, I was not sleepwalking or in a paralytic state while experiencing this, I have been asked this, so no.

It really just feels really intimidating and imposing presence right outside my back door, and has made me hate going there for any reason. I have had the place "cleansed" by a psychic, and a priest after I expressed concerns over the entity.

One of the things I find odd, is that it has never moved from that spot from as long as I can remember, it also doesn't seem to be able to follow me inside, although I am aware of it staring at me through the glass of the door. I know it can move it wants, I don't get the idea that its stuck there, I'm just confused to why its staying where it is, and what is it? Could it be a residual energy? But those don't actively interact with you, if my understanding is correct... How can I remove it, or at least help it in some way?

It doesn't feel "demonic" just imposing and intimidating, not evil, which also is rather confusing.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Can anyone explain this phenomenon further?


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Sayliei (6 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-04)
[at] Thulsa
Wow, okay. Thankyou for the help. Here's some more details~ it's still there by the way- a friend asked me to try sage and I did but there doesn't appear to be any change at all.
The entity, in physical appearance seems to be male, but when I "Sense" it, doesn't appear to have a gender at all. Melting face seems to be partway flesh falling off and partway actually melting in patches on "his" face. It has light sometimes, like bluish mist, although mostly it's just void of anything except a slightly menacing feeling. It appears to be missing its feet, (disappears around the ankle) although I still get the sense that it is standing quite well. It is there all the time, I have never seen (or felt) it fade or waiver. When I'm there I have curiosity about what it is, but I also feel quite intimidated when I'm there during day or night, and feel that if it could growl it would be. I haven't had any major events or losses during my life~
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-26)
Saylieli, Could you give more information on this thing? Try and see if you can pin down basics to see if we can help you better deal with it. Do you feel or does it project male or female or nothing? You spoke of melting face. Do you mean elongated or shape shifting or flesh falling off? Does it seem to flicker when present or is it a steady form? Does it have light or colour or void of either? Is it standing or grounded to the earth or does it float above it. Does it appear rapidly or all at once or does it fade in and out of existence? Do you feel fear, anger, or sorrow around it or do you just fell mild interest when in it's presence. We need to know what the strongest feelings are that you feel when it is there. I have a couple theories and an intuition about what is going on. Lastly be truthful without going into personal detail. Have you had a major personal event or loss in your life recently. Sometimes we can be jolted spiritually or mentally and opened up to something that we did not sense with as much intensity before. I hope this can help us help you better with this request. As a word of caution be careful about opening up to this experience without some form of protection. It would be a good idea to find another sensitive in your area close to you to help with this. Maybe it is just a trapped sole and maybe it is not.
Joni437 (guest)
9 years ago (2013-08-24)
The only time I recall a psychic lady seeing a melting face was in this article I read. I will recall it best as I can.
The psychic was sitting down at a table eating with family members when 2 of her aunts sat down and she started to see their faces melting. I think I recall that they passed not too soon after that or something near to that. I ask you to try to see if you recognize anything about the energy form...clothes? Manners? Eyes? Anything that might get you to relate to who it is.
I hope this helps and I ask the universe not to allow any harm to none, only if self-defense is needed should it be allowed.
Peace be with you
Joni ❤

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