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The Black Shadow


The dreams about the teacher has not stopped, it is now almost a year now and they still keep happening. Every dream is in a different location and every dream has a different message. I pick up on her energy so strong I can't even look at her. I don't even like being in her area, the energy I feel from her is very dark, sad, thick. Its hard to take in. A week ago when she showed up in my dream last I seen her in the hallway she was standing there and looking at me, her eyes are always black and dark, just all together bad. I thought since I was a senior I wouldn't have to worry about this but I see her in the halls, I see her in my lunch, I see her EVERYWHERE. I swear my spirit guides are setting me up lol. Anyways I am very very spiritual so any spiritual sign I get I take in and try to understand it. Let me explain, when I first started to regain my medium gift (as a child I connected with spirit but didn't know it). I showed her a picture of a spirits face I had took, I didn't know I was a medium (though my dad knew and grandmother), so unknowingly I showed her the photo. I found it cool and very interesting. The first thing she said was "is it good or bad" then she told me to put it away, she seemed very frightened by it. I feel like she knows more about spirit then I know. I want to know what does the black shadow mean and is it good or bad, I would imagine bad but who knows. Also her room smelled of dead bodies and she had a dead crow in her window sill all these to me seem like signs I don't know. She wore all black and had a cross. She is spanish if that even matters, I don't think it do. And she has had tons of bad luck last year, her wallet got stolen and everything. She has been through a lot. I'm the type of person who tries to figure everything out, so I won't stop until its completely over with, I wish she would reach out first but she isn't a mind reader, she doesn't know I can pick up on spirits and bad energy lol.

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Aariona222 (4 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-24)
That could be the case, sounds about right. I just wish I could get some kind of answer.
Pathwalker (2 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-24)
I feel that if you are encountering this spirit as often as you are and it has done nothing to harm you, than it may just be a spirit who has attached itself to your energy as a way of trying to hold on to the physical life that she had (assuming it is a spirit) or the good she had in life. The whole thing about the dead crow and dead body smell I would imagine is either a sign that this shadow is or was an unsavory soul in life and may be trying to make herself better before passing on or is just an unsavory entity that doesn't quite know how to interact with you yet.

I may very well be wrong in this and I would reserve judgement until some other people have the opportunity to comment.

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